Coffee Talk #4

my little helpersIt’s evident that Internet has changed the world.. look around, it’s changed! So with the vast availability and the growing need to constantly be connected, come the websites, databases and apps that help us navigate through the massive amount of stuff and things that are out there! While I was making my coffee today, I thought to myself how lucky I am.. I’m so lucky because I can go online, Google my favorite actor, read trivia facts about him and then blog about it and share it with you guys! Therefore, I thought that today I’d give a little shout out to some of my go to little helpers that keep my thirst for movie knowledge at bay on a daily basis.


Horns (2013)

horns 2013

There are a few spoilers waiting for you.

There are number of reviews waiting to be written, including Gone Girl and Radcliffe’s cozy romantic comedy What If, but I figured I’d break the thread of good reviews with something different. Horns is the kind of movie that succeeds and fails at the same time, it does some things perfectly, others not so much and then there’s that awful ending that pretty much spoils the whole experience… and yet, it’s still quite alright.


Pilot: The Affair

the affair noah and alison

With the arrival of fall, where the leaves are changing color and the only place comfortable enough seems to be inside a snug blanket with a cup of coffee, there is a desire to be treated by a great visual experience. I’m talking about finding that specific movie or a show that captures you, takes you on an interesting journey and leaves you wondering about life, relationships and love. On a particular fall evening, cold and rainy, I was lucky enough to experience something that special, within an hour I was hooked and confident enough to state that my newcomer fall favorite this year is The Affair.


The Maze Runner (2014)

The Maze Runner

This here is a spoiler alert.

The hardest thing is to dislike a movie you love… sounds confusing and trust me, I myself am confused as well. Everything in relation to The Maze Runner is pretty much unclear to me, except the fact that I love Dylan O’Brien as Thomas. So, while I have issues with the book and with the movie, I can’t find myself to not like the movie because of my own personal high expectations set on the dystopian genre… or can I?


Coffee Talk #3

uu2Behold, I’m back in action because I returned from my trip from Majorca a week ago, it was a vacation long over due, if I might add! Well rested and after spending some hard earned money, I’m here again, not much changed and hardly even sporting a tan to be honest. That being said, looking at my to do list at the moment is overshadowing my less-stressed state, it’s serious business this blogging, especially when you are two weeks behind with EVERYTHING including reading your favorite blogs and answering comments. But no rest for me no more, I’m diving right back into it, sort of, by bringing you a short summary of my picturesque holiday.