Commercial Break #9


The thing is, besides utter exhaustion, that next to a 6 day working week one can hardly find time to do any blogging around here and hence the almost absence and complete lack of schedule. To make up for it, I woke up super early today just to get things started with a cup of coffee and a brain full of things I need to mention before I forget. Emphasis on the forgetting part because I have been extremely forgetful these past few weeks, which I’m going to credit to my old age of 25!

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Against the Crowd Blogathon

against the crowd blogathon

I love me some blogathons and when a great one comes a long it’s hard not to jump on board with the idea. Dell on Movies has come up with the Against the Crowd blogathon which, as some might have guessed, is about going against those popular opinions we seem to have roaming around and taking a stance against great movies while protecting the ones that might not be the best but still worth some love.

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June Favorites

jun fav

As per usual, I haven’t really been consitent with my monthly favorites and since I’ve skipped April and May I have tons of favorites lined up. So this is technically not June favorites, it’s more like, I skipped two months so I better make up for it by listing favorites from April and May as well… enjoy!

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The Leftovers: Pilot

the leftoversSpoiler-alert!

Summer seems to be the most uneventful TV season with just a few shows that keep me entertained throughout the week and since none of them aren’t quite like the HBO’s newest addition The Leftovers, I decided to challenge myself with weekly review-posts. That’s right, Mettel Ray is attempting to review all 10 episodes of this brand new show – attempt being the key word in that sentence. So with that announcement, let’s get that pilot recapped and reviewed!

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