Commercial Break #11


Grab a cup of coffee, or if it fancies your tickle, tea, and sit down for a long post of random rambles because I have a lot of stuff going around in my brain, heart and other organs. That and I’m heading for a long awaited vacation which could mean that there could be a shortage of posts and replies on Mettel Ray for a week.


Satisfied …Through Satisfaction


In the beginning of Summer, I had high hopes for The Leftovers being THE one for me but as it turns out, expecting things to turn out solely based on the promotional hype isn’t the way to go these days. Satisfaction on the other hand came into my life suddenly, out of the blue, and its entire first season was filled with great dramatic moments and gorgeous cinematography.


My Current Watchlist


Last week Sofia over at Film Flare posted something similar to what I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for quite some time now but I wasn’t sure how exactly it was going to play out. Inspired and fueled by Sofia’s post, I set out to gather all my to watch movies from all possible lists that I’ve accumulated over the years: IMDb, Letterboxd, those twelve notebooks I have lying around and that bottomless corner of my brain where I collect useless information. Since there’s an endless amount of movies I still need to watch, I felt it was necessary to limit myself to 30 of my most prominent, stand out watchlist movies. This could also be classified as my shame list.


Palo Alto (2013)

palo alto

I sense a spoiler, or two.

Ironically, being all grown up, I still think coming of age movies speak to me more than any other kind of stories being told on screen. Some of these teen dramas really resignate in me for weeks, months, years even (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fish Tank, The Breakfast Club), and others simply fall into the depth of all those 1000+ movies I’ve seen over the years. I have a feeling Palo Alto is one of those movies that has the potential, but might be¬†gradually forgotten instead.


Coldwater (2013)

coldwater movie

Warning, spoilers ahead!

As I was catching up with my favorite movie blogs I stumbled upon Alex’s Coldwater review and something clicked right there and then. It felt like one of those movies that makes you wonder passed the movie, further from the plot after the credits roll and at that time, I was looking for something specifically like that. It also helped that the lead actor in Coldwater looks like the younger brother of Ryan Gosling, and as it turns out, his acting skills aren’t far from his doppleganger’s either.