The Snowman (2017)

An isolated house in the middle of nowhere. A boy and a mother occupy it. A man visits them to ask  the boy history questions. If the boy gets it wrong, the mother gets punched in the face by the man. The man fucks the mother, the boy builds a snowman before sneaking back into the house to hear his mother threatening to tell this man’s wife and kids that the boy is his. The man flees. The boy cries after him. The mother and boy follow in their Volvo. A long driving sequence. The mother gives up somewhere during this long driving sequence. She lets go of the wheel, the car cruises onto a lake. The boy pulls the hand break. The car stops, the ice breaks. The boy gets out, the mother stays in the car. The boy watches close by while the car vanishes and the mother drowns. I wish the boy would have drowned too. Cause then he wouldn’t have grown up to become the Snowman killer and I wouldn’t have had to sit through that awful movie following that actually interesting opening scene.

Warning, this review contains massive spoilers.

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Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Body Horror

Last hurdle before I can finally breathe with relief because I don’t have to rack my brain to come up with recommendations for horror edition! Next week is Television Edition time and for that, I have my delicious picks all lined up, so this is in some ways, the finishing line for me (hopefully not towards a horrific end).  Anyway, here are my 3 recommendations, one of which is my absolute fave and I just had to mention it!

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CB: Exciting News & All About Loving TV-Shows Again

Phew, I feel like a huge stone just fell off my chest and I can finally breathe! My epic pretty-much-endless-scroll-collage of a 1000 scenes from a 1000 movies as Mettel Ray’s 1000th post was published, and I feel almost free. But I know that I can feel completely free only if I say the following…


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A 1000 Scenes from a 1000 Movies


Time is a weird concept.. it feels like sometimes it doesn’t really move at all, and then, you are already typing your 1000th post on your blog and you don’t know how you got here so fast. It feels like time is playing a practical joke on us, making time pass in strange intervals, work days feel freakishly long, and yet your day off goes by in a blink of an eye. Same applies to this post. I saw it coming, thought I had time to prepare, and suddenly I was one post away from that magical number and the pressure was on.  Then I had an idea, then I figured, what the hell, it won’t take that long… it did, but let’s not discuss this further. Some would say this idea of mine is cool, others may say it’s abnormal. I would agree with the latter but it’s because I never thought I was normal to begin with. That being said, here is the longest post I will ever post here on Mettel Ray: a post of a 1000 scenes from a 1000 movies I’ve seen over the years. So grab a coffee, warm up your wrist, and start scrolling!

(But you don’t have to.. honestly, there’s no actual point to this post really. What I could recommend is to maybe Crtl+F your favourite movies and guess which scenes I picked, or if it’s even on my list! But those brave enough, and with a great Internet connection, can spend a solid hour scrolling.. I think. I didn’t actually time this, somebody should time this. Anyway, good luck and thanks for being here!)
Warning: This post may take a while to fully load. I’m not even sure it’s fully loadable..

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Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Dolls

Another week in the Halloween Edition theme and I’m again stumped for my picks. It’s not surprising though, I knew already in the beginning of the year, when I saw the October theme, that I was going to struggle a bit. So here I am, a week later, struggling to recommend movies with creepy dolls.

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