Against the Crowd Blogathon vol 3

Another year, another opportuinity to participate in the Against the Crowd Blogathon – something that has become sort of a tradition here on Mettel Ray AND I almost missed it this year! But as luck would have it, I didn’t actually miss the deadline that’s on the 26th of August, so I got enough time to gather my thoughts to express two movie opinions that go against the masses.

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Nerve (2016)

nerveExpectations are interesting. They can ruin a movie, they can elevate a movie and they can somehow alter the result of the movie drastically. They can even make you expect something completely different, usually based on the trailer, and then disappoint you greatly during the movie itself. For once though, my expectations didn’t really change the outcome, and I actually enjoyed Nerve just as much as I expected to.

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Swiss Army Man (2016)

It started with a fart joke.

And yet, Swiss Army Man is a lot more than a simple fart joke, and it’s not just about a highly functioning zombie that doubles as a Swiss Army knife and has some unusual skills. But if I were to summarize what the movie is about, those are the exact things I would mention first. Fart jokes and a formerly dead person whose farts can make him jet ski and whose erect penis doubles as a compass.

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