Happy Go Annoyed

coffee talk 12Today I woke up and everything seemed to go wrong. This has not happened in a while but the feeling is familiar to me and all I wanted to do was to whine and complain. Trust me, this is the kind of emotional state of mind where you don’t want to be in, you don’t even want to be near a person who has it and today I happened to have that utterly negative outlook on life in general. And though every inch of me is screaming out to whine and complain, I’ll try to push myself into a discussion on how negativity can really fuck up your ability to write reasonable reviews.


Jericho’s Misplaced Potential

Tuning in for a series that has been off air for quite some time and knowing that it hit a wall after its first season, yet got a second chance, is somewhat a challenge. You know two things: first, the series wasn’t good enough for the big shots and second, the series was amazing in regards to creating a fan base. So even before you start, you are divided between some strange limbo of not knowing where exactly you will be standing yourself.


Commercial Break #27

27 Max Riemelt RosesImages: 1) Max Riemelt by Gene Glover 2) Red Roses by Society6

This is going to be one of those proper Commercial Breaks reminding you of those commercial breaks on TV that seem to last forever. You could make yourself a sandwich, maybe some coffee, you could probably put a cake in the oven and it would be ready by the time I’m finished… In other words, I would recommend getting comfortable cause like I said, and implied, this one’s going to be a doosie.


Jurassic World (2015)

jurassic world

More than 20 years ago, they wanted to open a dinosaur theme park and things went horribly wrong. Now, in 2015, they haven’t learned anything from the past and decide to not just open up a park filled with all possible dinosaurs but genetically build a bigger, stronger, smarter and hella scarier dinosaur. It doesn’t take a genius to know that things pretty much went as badly¬†as they did 22 years ago + some twenty thousand people badly.


Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

pitch perfect second

Following the highly successful first movie, Pitch Perfect 2 had it’s success written into the books long before the movie hit the big screen. It didn’t matter whether the movie was better than the first, it doesn’t matter now either, and it’s because Pitch Perfect is all about having fun, singing and girl power – three things that are supposed to be good no matter what!