Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015)

naomi and ely's no kiss listOut of all the movies I have recently seen, Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List comes in number one – #1 in being so ridiculously stupid and awful, that I couldn’t pass the opportunity to write about it. Granted, it is a little tiresome to spend more time on this teen-angst-driven flick but it will be satisfying at the same time.

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November Reading Wrap Up

rainbow rowell carry onA while back I decided to change the course of this blog and now I’m finally sitting down to write about books. I’ve read quite a few good ones over the past few months and I wanted to quickly share some of my reads before the end of the year lists start taking over the blog. So, here are some of my recent reads.. all of which I have read during November (yes, I haven’t really slept this month, in case you were wondering):

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Why Do Women Write Like That?

A revelation appeared while I was writing my review of Sleeping With Other People (2015), a review that has now turned into a discussion on a topic I literally stumbled on by accident. This is not a simple topic, it is not even an entertaining read because this is a serious view on the industry but most importantly, a critique towards the very women who complain about the lack of respect in the industry.

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The Final Girls (2015)

the final girlsFor a movie that was widely distributed as a straight to DVD movie, skipping the theater screenings outside festivals completely, The Final Girls feels a bit out of place in the best possible way.  It doesn’t scream DVD-release because it manages to be more smart, more intriguing and even a bit more qualified for the big screen than some of the bigger comedies out there. And that’s not even taking into consideration the funny and consistently talented cast.

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My Black Nights Film Festival

Image from Culture.

Since 1997, Tallinn’s Black Nights Film Festival, a unique event showing feature films as well as short films, animations and youth films, has grown and developed into an A-class film festival. Taking place in November, when the nights here in Estonia are black and the air is cold, the festival provides warmth and comfort to cinema lovers, friends and enthusiasts all around the world. My own experience with Black Nights has been different each year but there’s always a constant feeling I have towards this film festival: admiration.

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