Thursday Movie Picks: Science Fiction Horror


Most definitely the hardest topic this month is the combination of sci-fi and horror. The thing is, I like science-fiction, I think it’s one of my favorite genres because most of my favorite movies are categorized as sci-fi these days. But, as most of you probably know already, horror is not my thing, so the combination of these two was a challenge. All my picks ended up being average , can’t recall much about them, movies.

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Books I’ve Recently Bought aka Book Haul

I thought I had been great at not buying books for a while but turns out that it was just a lie I told myself, and in just a few months, I still managed to accumilate 10 books. I thought I’d share the list of books I bought in book form, few of which I’ve read, some of which I’ve yet to pick up, and most of them being young adult because I just like it that much!

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