Commercial Break #31

31 macbeth floarlImages: 1) Still from Macbeth, 2) Floral by Daniel Forero

Another week has passed, I’ve survived a cold (barely as I’m still suffering slightly), I’ve worked six days in a row (half of it while being ill), I’ve seen my second favorite movie this year (from 2014 though, but it still counts) and I’ve thought about making the Commercial Break into a weekly feature uploaded on Wednesdays (or Thursdays because I need a fallback in case I mess up). So.. pretty much nothing has been going on while a lot has happened.


The Gift (2015)

The GiftI have dedicated some paragraphs to spoilers.

Some weeks ago, on a Thursday evening, the latest I’ve gone to the cinema in a while, I intended to enjoy a movie that was going to be thrilling and exciting. Now, it was something, but it wasn’t as thrilling as I hoped it would be. Nevertheless, The Gift was actually a rather interesting psychological movie focusing on a popular topic from a fresh angle. Plus, thanks to this movie, gift giving now has a completely new meaning to me.


New on TV (Fall 2015)


I don’t keep up with the Kardashians but I sure do like to stick to my traditions and here’s one that makes me the most happy: sharing what’s new on TV! When a new season on television begins, I’m on it by listing all the new upcoming shows in categories such as the good, the possibly good, the uncertain, the not interested and the bad. And every time I do this, the number of new shows is pretty decent with a total of 20 series premiering this fall.


Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four

That grand moment when rebooting a movie by re-telling the superhero origin story will pay off did not happen this time – fact! There maybe was hope but it was pointless to think that Fantastic Four with a fresh cast would elevate this particular franchise to new heights and bring some joy. If anything, I’m disappointed and sad that I even, for a brief moment in time, thought that maybe it will be good. Oh how wrong was I…


Commercial Break #30

commercial break 30Images: 1) Jamie Bell by Sebastian Kim, 2) * by unknown.

Relieved, I sit at my old room, typing away while the smell of coffee lifts my spirits as the first day of my five day weekend has been going extremely well. I’ve typed up three reviews, started with the fourth and now aiming to finish this Commercial Break in less than an hour. The motivation is running high, my spirits are even higher and I’ve got an amazing weekend planned with movies, books and the dreadful moment of finally finishing Parks & Recreation. If this is not bliss, I’m not sure what is.