The Wonderful Things in Stranger Things

The hype is real, and even though I was a little behind to get to the hype and stumbled on some spoilers beforehand, I didn’t mind because the show delivered beyond these spoilers. It has heart, emotion, friendship, determination and courage. And yes, Stranger Things is an absolutely wonderful series, with exceptional performances by kids inside a big homage to the 80’s.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Non-English Language Movies – Scandinavian Language

Here I am, commiting to something that is (hopefully) permanent… Every Thursday I will be posting a list of movie recommentations following the topics by the creator of this series, Wandering Through the Shelves. This week’s topic, as seen from the title, is movies in the Scandinavian language and not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen a few so I’m listing most of them here.

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Against the Crowd Blogathon vol 3

Another year, another opportuinity to participate in the Against the Crowd Blogathon – something that has become sort of a tradition here on Mettel Ray AND I almost missed it this year! But as luck would have it, I didn’t actually miss the deadline that’s on the 26th of August, so I got enough time to gather my thoughts to express two movie opinions that go against the masses.

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