5 Things That Need to Happen During the Gilmore Girls Revival

All is right in the world, and Gilmore Girls finally gets a chance to tie up loose ends properly! I’m far more thrilled about this than I have been about any other revival on TV since this trend started. I can’t wait to see all four 90 minute episode-movies with all the familiar faces! To hear that typical Gilmore banter, to cry because I know I will, and to smile with pure happiness. All’s good in the world! But I still have some expectations, and here are five things that absolutely need to happen during the revival.

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40 Movies of 2016 (Part 2)

40 movies of 2016 part 2The funny thing is, I had planned for a much simpler post. I had a number in mind, 15 and I set out to search for those 15. Then it turned to 30, and now there are 40 movies and this is the second part of that post because to fit 40 into a single post seemed just too extensive (part 1 here). But to clarify, I’m not 100% anticipating to see all 40, I’m simply curious about what’s to come in 2016.

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5 Reasons I Love E-Books

IMG_3798A little over a year ago, I truly believed I was never going to love the e-book format. Because the actual book is the real deal, fresh pages, the weight of it, the fact that you can use random objects as bookmarks – I was a committed book person – until I read an e-book. Now I’m 70/30 when it comes to books vs e-books, I’m still rooting for paperbacks but I also have a soft spot for the forest friendly format.

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The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015)

the diary of a teenage girlThe days and weeks, months even, I spent waiting for this movie seemed endless and I didn’t even know why I was waiting. I had not seen the trailer, I was vaguely aware of what the premise was, but something told me to wait for it, so I did. Then, suddenly, the waiting was done and I could watch the movie I had anticipated for so long: and oh, how glad I was that I waited.

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Inside My Outlander Craze

outlander banner

Sam Heughan. Sam freaking Heughan. I have no other words at the moment because I’m completely numb from my Outlander marathon. I’m currently pacing myself with the episodes after watching six in a day (piece of cake for an experienced TV watcher), because I want to finish the book first. And the second season isn’t here yet! The wait will be difficult and I can’t imagine joining the Outlander fandom in 2014 just to wait TWO years for the next season – that just sounds way to long to be without Sam Heughan, way way too long!

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