Commercial Break #23

commercial break 23

Despite the fact that I have made big plans to celebrate the ultimate number 5 here on Mettel Ray with something great, the past few weeks have gone by without any progress. I’ve been mostly working, watching shows and movies or putting off watching Game of Thrones. In other words, I haven’t done anything remotely important or productive except earning money I’m reluctantly spending mostly on food and alcohol.


Dominant Attraction

coffee talk 9

A while back I read Film Flare’s very thorough post about erotica which is a topic that surfaced due to the highly talked about movie Fifty Shades of Grey. May you be talking down on it, or putting it on a pedestal, I don’t care but I do wonder about the underlining topic of dominance.


Ask Me Anything (2014)

ask me anythingThough you didn’t ask for spoilers, you’re getting them.

Recently I’ve realized that my favorite kind of reviews to write are for those little known indie movies that are sort of good but not great. These movies fall a little bit short because they don’t have that something special but they’re not bad either. In other words, Ask Me Anything is not ground breaking or anything but there’s still things I want to say about this movie.


Commercial Break #22


There’s so much going on around me that I’m actually starting to fall behind.. with everything. Movie watching has become more of an isolated incident, TV-shows have begun to feel tiresome and all while my precious free time is being aimed towards getting ready for the big event happening next month. In other words, I don’t necessarily have anything to write about.


Blogathon: White Swan, Black Swan

POSTERSati over at Cinematic Corner started a new blogathon called White Swan, Black Swan and it embodies the idea of duality embedded into a single character. In other words, a character who has different sides to him or her, a character that might seem white to others but is actually black under the surface. An idea that is very interesting so obviously I had to participate, so here’s my take on the blogathon with a tiny little twist.