Commercial Break #68

cb68Last week was… it was mentally exhausting and it didn’t help that I worked six days out of the possible seven. I’m surprised I survived. I’m surprised that I managed to finish two books.. even though they were again adult romance novels which have become favourites as well as enemies this year. Honestly people, I need to pick up fantasy and I need to finish The Wise Man’s Fear! But before I get back to reading, here is a quick summary of the last two weeks.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Shakespeare Adaptation

Honestly, I had to use the Internet for this one because while there are of course the obvious adaptations, I didn’t want to pick between them and instead, picked between the not so obvious ones that might appeal to the younger generation (as it did when I was a teenager). So with a little help from my all knowing friend, I tracked down three picks that are not so much Shakespeare but a little outside the box. PS: Yes, I have seen Romeo + Juliet, but I didn’t really care for it… even though Leo looked amazing in it – sorry!

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The Accountant (2016)

the-accountantImagine my surprise when I walked out of The Accountant and I had only positive things circling my mind!? Because despite the promising trailer, and the premise, I was so certain the movie was going to step into the well known action thriller hole of clichés. Yet, The Accountant kept it fresh right until the end, surprising me with an unconventional final act, that deserves some praise on its own. Continue reading “The Accountant (2016)”

Thursday Movie Picks: Prodigy/Genius

This week’s theme is definitely a gem among the rest because I knew at least one movie I definitely wanted to recommend, and the others didn’t take long to follow. I wanted the list to be a mix of both, I wanted to have a genius and a prodigy, but then I figured I’d mention one of my favourites from last year as well that sort of falls into the genius theme. So here’s my very versatile list of really intelligent people.

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