# 30 – The Soloist

My latest addition to my original DVD-movie collection was The Soloist. I watched it with some friends and a lovely wine bottle but I think I can still give a good overview of the movie.

It was another movie based on real life where this journalist finds a homeless man who can play the violin (but his instrument of choice is the cello). The whole story revolves around this unlikely friendship, music and the fact that there are 90,000 homeless people in LA.

In my opinion there weren’t enough of each story line, I think that I needed something to stand out more to make the movie more powerful. But the performances of both Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Fox were amazing. I like them both and I think that they can’t do wrong in my book.

But as a serious movie it wasn’t the best I’ve seen and I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars cause I really think they could’ve done better with emphasizeing one specific part of the movie more. I’d for once would’ve liked the music to stand out more and to show the friendship being connected to the music. The backstory was in its right place (the homeless issue in LA) and it brought the whole story together quite nicely.


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