# 45 – New Shows 2010

Here are couple of previews of the new shows coming this fall. This happens every year since a lot of the shows don’t last and are canceled after the first season (or in some cases after couple of episodes). This is why Accidentally on Purpose isn’t returning this fall which to me is sad because I found it to be better than Cougar Town which got its second season. Anyhow,Β  here are some trailers of the new shows – some of which I am excited about, some I don’t care much for and some have actors I’m excited about but not the show itself.

ABC’s No Ordinary Family:

ABC’s Mr. Sunshine:

CW’s Hellcats:

CW’s Nikita (just want to see Shane West):

NBC’s Perfect Couples:

NBC’s Friends with Benefits:

NBC’s Chase:

CBS’s Mike & Molly:

CBS’s Bleep ($#*!) My Dad Says:

CBS’s The Defenders:

FOX’s Mixed Signals:

FOX’s Raising Hope:

FOX’s Lonestar:


4 thoughts on “# 45 – New Shows 2010”

    1. hopefully not. Fulltime job + masters 1.st year + loads of tv series = trouble, so something has to go .. series is option no.1

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