# 127 – Misfits

Once in a while I stumble on a very good English TV-show that I really like, sometimes I watch it from start to finish, sometimes I forget it and move on. With Misfits I started watching it right when it fist aired, had to wait for the next episodes etc. The first season wasn’t therefore amazing but just a lot of waiting for just 6 episodes – but I still liked it enough to wait for the second season.

I missed the second season, at least I missed the 6 first episodes (the 7th came out the next day) and had the chance to watch them without the waiting and now I get it – Misfits are cool! (I have to wait until November! – the waiting is horrible by the way.)

If you’re an American then Misfits might shock you, we Europeans aren’t afraid to show body parts, smoking, drinking and a lot, I mean A LOT of cursing to our teenagers because we know they all do that anyway, why not but it on screen. UK’s other very sexually driven show is Skins (still going on although the cast has changed now 2 times? which is a part of the shows build-up) but Misfits offers viewers something extra – superpowers!

In my mind this isΒ  the perfect time to bring out the superpowers because a lot of that supernatural thing is spreading with a rapid speed to everywhere – people are thinking outside the box. (They also bring out old stuff and renew them). Anyway, Misfits tells a story about 5 kids who have all been with the bad side of the law and ended up with community service – they are all different and they all get different powers. At least most of them, some have problems – some have problems without the powers and with them – it is a whole lot of problems through 2 seasons.

While the first season is a bit on the “okay” side I think the second season really hit the mark – I thought it was much faster and better and funnier. And the second season had much more stories to tell in my mind, and some weird stuff and basically – if you like all that supernatural stuff (that I like) you’ll probably like Misfits. I mean, they curse like hell and have sex in every episode (with people and with gorillas – don’t ask) – how much more do you need?


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