# 246 – Rampart (Trailer special)

Before I get started with my post (kind of a special one) I am happy to report I have a new laptop. Yay! This one has a much larger screen so my computer-movie experiences will be now better. This is my first post on my new companion – superb!

Back to business, I wanted to post about a more serious and another corrupt-cop story Rampart (not the computer game) starring Woody Harrelson. I’ve seen him in many funny comedic roles but I can’t recall seeing him doing something this dramatic and powerful yet. This is going to be an awesome experience cause I feel like he has the chops to pull this off. Harrelson himself has probably some deep emotions hidden in him as well – his estranged father killed a federal judge and died in prison.

Steve Buscemi, Sigourney Weaver, Robin Wright, Ben Foster and Anne Heche star in this as well, plus one of the Sex and the City stars Cynthia Nixon. Cast seems strong, the story is what might bring the whole thing down for me but you’ll never know with these movies: might be good, might not be. Rampart premiers on the 27th of January.


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