# 251 – PÖFF Day 3 (Extra special)

The third day of PÖFF passed with some exciting situations after it began with not so thrilling movie The Idiot (2011), an Estonian film that had a great idea behind it (as I actually thought of today) but it wasn’t executed as good as it should have been. I missed my second movie that I had planned cause I was too tired I guess, cause I ended up in the wrong cinema – happens to the best of us.

But I wasn’t too disappointed after because I went to see All Our Dead Ones instead. Mocking the Colombian government through black-humor and a pile of dead bodies turned out to be an interesting experience and I would rank it among one of my favorites in the festival (among those I’ve seen). Mainly because the idea was well thought and delivered with symbols. There were also small things that spiced up the plot which were just amazing.

So day 3 turned out to be a success even though in the middle it seemed to fall apart. Sadly today reminds me the end of the festival but luckily I have today and tomorrow, in addition to the extra workshop day. A little bit sad but c’est la vie!


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