ReWind: July

Numbers: 107,000+ all time views, 5982 views, 193 average per day, 20 posts

Summary: In July I was focusing on quality and ironically, I received a quality blog award the Liebster from The Movie Waffler – thank you! I also made some small changes to the blog just couple of days ago and right after that, LAMB entered my blog for another blustering session. Most of the lessons and critic I got was regarding visuals and sadly, I can’t do much to improve. Other than that, had a lovely month of creating and implementing new features for the future. July was awesome also for the lovely comments people left here regularly, you know who you are, thank you so much!

What I learned: communication is the key!

What I was happy about: improving my content and style of writing (hopefully).

What might happen in the future: new features, more awesome stuff and a new theme?

Mission for August: finish what I started!

Blog of the month: Cinematic Paradox – seriously, she is amazing!


6 thoughts on “ReWind: July”

  1. Way to go Mettel! The next step for you to draw more attention to your blog is to sign up for a Lambcast. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but with myself a few other bloggers planning to start our own podcast I figured it was time to make that leap.

      1. It’s obviously easy for me to say this now, since I’m signed up for a couple…but it’s just having confidence and knowing what you’re talking about.

        I think you’d be surprised at how well you’d actually do.

        1. If I’d had the right topic, sure. I’m not sure how well my accent will manage to make me understandable but yeah.. I do myself have some plans to make my voice be heard in a more realistic way. Someday.

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