Less is more

I absolutely love minimal movie posters! I can’t stress enough how I enjoy the simplicity and minimalism because I always think “less is more” is not just something people say, I believe it works. So when I discovered Minimal Movie Posters a while back I became obsessed. There are many favorites, two by Daniel Norris but here are just some I found and thought were pretty great. I especially like the Lost in Translation one, for some reason it works so well but Deep Throat is clever too. Ah, who am I kidding, they are all amazing!

9 thoughts on “Less is more”

    1. Lovely! I’ve seen his work but now I have a name for his work. Thanks! I should do poster posts more often, I bet there’s lots of more great things out there.

  1. Love the one for Prometheus. Minimal Movie posters are fantastic I made few myself but they are not half as good as what is out there.

    1. I’d love to see the ones you made.. besides, practice makes perfect so don’t stop and just keep going. Maybe someday I can post your posters here!

      1. There’s some pretty good ones in there. I actually used the Lost in Translation one on my Facebook yesterday and no one’s guessed it yet.

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