Linked 04/11

  • This week was surprisingly busy for me and I blogged just a little because I need to be ready for Monday just right, I have a surprise! Adding finishing touches to it right now. Also did (and still doing) some school work, mostly reading extremely long and boring articles about tourism related topics and now, I have to analyze them. It is actually a little rewarding for me, I like writing and criticizing things but it is just too time consuming at times. Still, I did find time to read the blogs of my comrades – some really great stuff guys, stop making me feel bad about my rare review.


Cinematic Paradox brought back memories when she reviewed Attack the Block.

Everybody saw the new Bond movie Skyfall, including Cinematic Corner.

Bonjour Tristesse introduced me with Rust and Bone, a French movie I’m going to love.

Another Plot Device is gonna watch very bad movies all month, let’s give him moral support.

While I’m preparing to read Cloud Atlas, And So It Begins already saw the movie.

Argo is yet again another movie I have to see soon, according to Viral Infection.

The Movie Waffler liked Wreck-It Ralph a lot, can’t wait to see it myself.

  • Like I said, I’m looking forward to see Rust and Bone because I can’t help to love Marion Cotillard for some reason. Seeing her in a French movie is even a better treat than her American movie characters, though she fascinated me in Inception. Another love for an actor will bring me to Lay the Favorite, Bruce Willis is just adorable and I can’t help to like him. Plus, having Joshua Jackson in it doesn’t sound that bad either. With movies like that, I’m not afraid to watch the trailers as well.

Rust and Bone / Lay the Favorite

  • I watched Ocean’s 11 and 12 this week, just to treat myself with some good quality crime movies and I was not disappointed. Bruce Willis’ cameo was just perfect, I like how they played with the medium of movies like that. Plus, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all week now. Perfect for studying!

10 thoughts on “Linked 04/11”

    1. I’m really getting into the soundtrack things lately. Mostly because I can’t listen to lyrical songs while I study and soundtracks are a good go-to-music.

      1. So far I am just barely staying coherent through some of these movies. Since I am heading out to a wedding in Texas this weekend I had to marathon a few bad ones just to get content ready. It was a terrible move on my part.

        1. The sad thing is that I am only 7 days into this whole ordeal which means I have another 23 days to go. Oh well, it will make for interesting content.

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