Guilt-trip Sunday

So I have been totally a-wall from blogging this week and I’m having my regular guilty feeling today. Not that I have been lazy or anything, trying to post something for The Artifice, preparing New LAMB posts for LAMB and mostly studying: I have been putting myself into a corner of madness and I don’t see an end to it soon. This makes me feel sad and lonely, because I now can’t even read other blogs due to the large amount of schoolwork I have to shuffle through. Not saying that to gain some sympathy votes, just letting you know that the next two weeks are going to be hard on me and I’ll try to post as much as I can.. which will be probably one post a week which for me is not enough but I can always post more eye-candy and hope for the best.


6 thoughts on “Guilt-trip Sunday”

  1. Oh yey it’s Idris ^^ I love this picture of him. Good luck with your schoolwork, I’m going through mine as well with no end in sight :/

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