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llinked11This week was in more ways than one just complete madness! Firstly, I happened to watch two very amazing movies – both deserving of the “POW” rating which in human language would mean 5 out of 5. Then, something weird happened and Google Images decided to send a lot of people to my site during the entire week! Which resulted in my blog having a lot of attention, 600+ views a day kind of attention for four days in a row including my own personal daily record that went from 698 to 699 – I like to take it slow people, okay, there’s nothing wrong in breaking records one view at a time.

My week:
  • Like I already mentioned, I watched two amazing movies this week – Killer Joe and Silver Linings Playbook, I also managed to squeeze in Tangled, Hotel Transylvania and Driving Miss Daisy.
  • With series I took it a bit slower this week, only watching couple of episodes of Flashpoint and getting back Castle was certainly a highlight of my week as well.
  • As everybody knows, Oscar nominations came out and I kind of ignored that on my blog but I did write a little piece for The Artifice which was mainly based on the feedback I was reading online and resulted in a piece of Oscar nomination surprises and snubs.
  • Having had a very indoor social life these past few weeks I got surprisingly tired after spending two days outside my apartment walls, fresh air and actually talking to people can really exhaust your mind in ways I had forgotten.
  • With the winter hiatus coming to a close, I’m waiting for the return of Hart of Dixie which will happen next week and the long wait for Shameless US will be soon over! As well as getting to see Suits earlier than expected which is the best news ever of course.
  • I found an interesting connection to my favorite actresses, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Stone played with Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love and then followed a period piece movie Gangster Squad, now Lawrence played with Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook AND has a period piece Serena with Cooper coming in 2013 – I see an irrelevant but somehow important connection here!
  • This week I wasn’t as good in commenting as last week because once I fell behind with my readings, I was behind behind! Trying to fix that for next week!

I don’t know how she did it but The Film Sloth made a list of her top 10 favorite Friends episodes – Β  Β Β  I for one, could not do that, ever!

Rorschach Reviews already saw Warm Bodies – a movie that I am highly anticipating but have to wait for a long time as do all the others. He’s just super special to see it so early.

This movie has gotten a lot of critical and award love, Love & Squalor made no exception of giving that same kind of praise to The Impossible.

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews always gives a lot of reading for the whole week, plus a new green background, but Gangster Squad review was most interesting for me.

Mr. Rumsey saw An Education and now I really want to see it again, just for the fun of it!

Day before the Oscar nominations, Cinematic Corner expressed her TOP 5 worst Oscar nomination snubs since 2000 – some really amazing guys in that list!

I know it was a joke and yet, I like to imagine it wasn’t and Olivia Munn just became my favorite person! Despite the fact that every time I say her name, Munn, I giggle because it means “dick” in Estonian.


13 thoughts on “Linked 13/1”

      1. Right, I quickly scanned through your review pages before posting that comment but they only go back to 2011.
        I don’t know why I didn’t just use the search bar as I can now see that you did review it!

  1. Didn’t know you saw SLP too! Funny thing, this and Killer Joe are now in my top 5, I was debating if I preferred SLP or Looper but Looper won by one point. I cannot wait for Serena. If Lawrence doesn’t win this year there is no way she can lose for that next year – her character is one of the most complex and manipulative chicks I read about. After seeing how great they are together with Cooper in SLP I have no doubts now that the film is going to be worth seeing.

    Thanks for the link! :*

    1. Yeah, I will upload the review on Tuesday I think cause I already have it ready and all. I liked Lawrence’s character a lot.. so .. out of the box that it was just amazing! Dialog smart and clever, funny and insulting. Just the right amount of everything. Plus, she looks real, I appreciate that.

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