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This past week has been, to say at least, a massive surprise after a surprise and I can’t even process most of it right now. A part of it is because I celebrated my last weekend in Sweden yesterday and well, it was a very nice grown-up celebration. Another is the fact that all of this happened because of a single picture – one little picture was bringing in all these numbers and making every evening filled with thrilling entertainment.

My week:

  • I watched just two movies this week, with one being Amour that made me cry like a baby and the other Silver Linings Playbook which I watched for the second time because it is awesome.
  • Also finished with Flashpoint which made me a bit sad.
  • Some of my favorites came back this week, including Hart of Dixie, which is good not just because Wade takes his shirt off, the awesome Shameless and The Vampire Diaries.
  • Wrote a very popular post Reasons why I love to blog that got a record amount of likes during one day, the tiniest record I broke this week.
  • Records continue with the blog surpassing 10.000 views a month and it’s not even the end of the month! Also, 150.000 total views is quite the number.
  • Best part of the week was my entertaining play of numbers, on the 15th of January I broke my daily viewing record with 705 and I though this can’t get better, but it did! The next day I went over that number and got 762 and by then I was certain this will be the last limit. But that single picture did its work well and on the 17th I crossed 1.000 views with 1.020 and even that didn’t stay for long, with 1.034 views on the 18th making it the best week ever! And therefore the following picture:


  • The single picture that was behind this was of Suits, that also returned this week but I haven’t seen it yet, and because of the fact that when people Google search for “suits”, it would be the third picture: isn’t that nice?
  • Next week I will try to watch Girls and though I know that I will most likely not enjoy it.
  • I will also most likely not be as active due to my last week in Sweden and the packing-panic that will most likely begin any day now.


Margaret from Cinematic Corner also loved Silver Linings Playbook and obviously wrote a review on it which is the whole point of this segment, to link their posts here.

Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop gave four pigeons to The Impossible which I’m afraid to watch after that whole Amour teary experience.

Another movie that I ought to watch already, Midnight in Paris, was spoiler free reviewed by Mr.Rumsey.

The Drama Llama gave a list of her favorite Oscar acceptance speeches.

And let’s finish off with an unpleasant picture which doesn’t mean anything else than the fact that Shameless is brilliant, and it kind of fits the whole weekly linked theme quite well.

15 thoughts on “Linked 20/1”

  1. Thanks for the link! Congrats on 1000 views a day, that is awesome! I wish I could watch Shameless or anything for that matter, but I’m so freaking busy I don’t even have the time to review Anna Karenina :/

      1. Oh it sucked. It looks pretty but it completely missed the meaning of the novel and most actors is miscast, especially Keira and young Gleeson.

    1. Magic! No, really, it was just because Suits had a new episode and people were finding my image on Google. Sad, but true, pictures bring a lot of traffic.

  2. oh I love Shameless, I’m so glad it’s back! And now there’s a portuguese actor in it, not a big part but hmmm it makes me strangely proud! Congrats on reaching 1000 views, that’s huge 😀

    1. Oh, really, which one?! Plus, I wish there were more Mickey and Ian, just because I’m a sucker for bad-boy story lines when they end up being sweet and cuddly in the end, which is where Mickey is heading in my opinion.

        1. Oh yea, didn’t know he was Portuguese but nice to know that! I couldn’t say that about Estonian actors, there are a few I guess but not like that. I’m pretty much surprised if anyone mentioned Estonia and didn’t use Russian as a reference right after, which has so far been once. 😀

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