Linked 17/2

linked15While trying to relocate my Mojo this week, in addition to surviving my birthday and Valentine’s Day, the previous 7 days have been eventful. Definitely more eventful than this intro because I literally have nothing else to say…

My week:

  • For those who gasped for air when they read about my birthday, no worries, I’ve been hiding its existence for three years now – I’m happy with just a handful of wishes anyway.
  • In order to remember my 24th, I bought the Game of Thrones book series (in English) with the gift card I received from my family. I also bought a book of 501 Movie Stars (in Estonian) which may or may not end up being a part some sort of a feature.
  • My birthday happened to be on the day Stevee announced her departure from the blogging world and it made me sad. I understand, I also agree with The Matinee but oh, how sad I am inside that things are coming to an end on Cinematic Paradox.
  • During Valentine’s Day I thought about plans of changing the layout again, I wanted to call it “Before Spring Clean-out”. Basically, I want to rethink my features and maybe simple things up a bit – I need a system I am completely happy about which seems impossible since I change my mind all the time! I’m sorry guys.
  • I finished watching American Horror Story season 2 while knitting myself a scarf (still knitting the scarf) – I will reflect on it next Saturday but all in all, a great season with minor flaws that annoyed me.
  • Also caught up with The Following which stars Kevin Bacon and I love it! I’m a sucker for good crime TV and that is just brilliant, plus, the acting is a bar higher than the regular CSI, NCIS and what ever shows I have never been invested in.
  • Haven’t watched a single movie this week! I know, I have to do a double screening tonight if I want to get through the Best Picture nominations – 3 left!


It was a week for the romantics, I’m not one of them, but I was still happy to read Margaret’s list of 10 romantic scenes over on Cinematic Corner.

Dan The Man reviewed Safe Haven and now I’m 100% sure I won’t watch it.

Oscars are close, some are more thrilled than others but nobody can deny that the 10 things to know about the ceremony by The Cinematic Spectacle are quite the interesting read.

Love & Squalor loved Side Effects which I am looking forward of seeing, one of the reasons is that I actually miss Jude Law!

I’m currently reading a book that is already made into a movie: The Movie Waffler happened to review Beautiful Creatures and didn’t like it but I’m still giving it a chance, because I love Jeremy Irons!

I’m already debating of watching Django Unchained again, just because I want to see Schultz be Schultz – how awesome was he? Definitely more awesome than Django’s character and come to think of it, I’m calling him the true hero of the movie!


9 thoughts on “Linked 17/2”

  1. That moment in Django was so awesome and bad ass, I laughed so hard in the theater, though I almost fell off my chair when Tarantino exploded πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday! I’m gonna be 24 years old in September, oh my God I feel so old 😦 I wish I was at least 17 or 18 again :/

    I started watching The Following last night, loving it so far. So glad you liked AHS 2, looking forward to your post about it!

  2. I’m sorry! Many belated birthday hugs coming your way.

    Also, I’m rather interested in The Following but knowing how silly I am with catching up on TV shows, I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD. I do like me some Kevin Bacon.

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