Linked 13/3: (Cali)fornication & other thoughts


Compared to last week, this week  was filled with some low- and high-end entertainment left and right. It seems that my motivation kicked in as soon as the sun started visiting my room more often and the posts just kept on coming. And that makes me all kinds of happy!

  • As some of you might have already guessed, I started watching Californication this week. It’s a pretty rare situation where I can watch season after season of a highly-rated show during the entire week. Four seasons down, one to go and I’m almost caught up with it.
  • With the whole marathon process I realized I like Hank Moody/David Duchovny more than I thought I will. Moody is obnoxious, rude, offensive to women on numerous cases and yet, he has that bad boy appeal I tend to go for. Plus, he’s a writer – what’s not to like.
  • Duchovny is currently 52, man, some men just age well in Hollywood, or they don’t age at all.
  • Which reminds me that while watching The Following this week and I was so happy to see Common Law’s Warren Kole there. Though his hair was a total mess, I’m glad he’s there.
  • I’m not so glad that Common Law didn’t get the pick up for the second season, I thought it was quite a good show for the summer season. But this is just old news I was reminded of.
  • Shameless was almost boring this week with a promising preview for next week’s episode. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed when I finally see it on Wednesday because I’ll be absent in the beginning of the week.
  • All of that Californication and a few episodes of some shows that did air this week (stupid Spring Break) didn’t stop me from watching four movies – The Makeover, Identity Thief, Burn After Reading and Fight Club. In addition, I finished the first season of Hung on Sunday.
  • I still fucking love Fight Club, enjoyed Burn After Reading and pretty much hated the rest. Hung had a lot of potential in the beginning but it also managed to disappoint.
  • Good week was made awesome by the whole Veronica Mars Movie news. Rob Thomas needed to gain 2 million dollars with Kickstarter, which he did and more. Promotion video for the project is a nice sketch by the way. Long story short, Veronica Mars Movie is happening and everybody is on board – yay!

  • I’m a big Veronica Mars fan, I loved the first two seasons to bits and pieces, third one was a bit of a let down, but a movie sounds beyond awesome right now! Especially since Kristen Bell has sort of gone off my radar ever since Veronica went off the air.
  • This week I totally neglected my Game of Thrones book and the new season comes closer and closer each day. Definitely not gonna make it through the book 1 and 2 before the third season but it was a long shot anyway.
  • Bought a new book this week as well, since my reading list isn’t apparently long enough, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars has now been placed into my shelf of awesomeness.
  • Finishing off the week was a nice concert with my mom and since this post is scheduled, I’m letting you know that I’m currently heading to the big bad capital city for some socializing, cause god forbid, I need some!


Dan the Man reviewed the much talked about Spring Breakers which I will most likely watch.

Over at Can’t Stop the Movies Andrew liked the This Must Be The Place.

Gattaca is a movie I should see soon: Cinema Train was the one who reminded me of it.

Game of Thrones anticipation is high on Sati‘s list of activities, here are her favorite scenes (p.1)

Film Actually‘s movie of the week was Planet of The Apes which I haven’t seen, I think.

Everybody saw Oz this week, including Junebug. Man, I like the design there.

Terry Malloy enjoyed Stoker, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as well – if I ever get to it!

This week’s highlight was the chemistry between Norton and Pitt – then again, I seem to enjoy Pitt with anyone these days. I’ve go a feeling I have a case of Pitt-fever.

20 thoughts on “Linked 13/3: (Cali)fornication & other thoughts”

  1. Thanks for the linkage, Ray! Give the movie a look when you can and also, let me know what you thought of it. I’m interested to hear.

  2. Thanks for the link! It’s kinda cool you will get to see the story in Game of Thrones 3 on the show, I wonder how hard will various plot twists and shocking things hit you 🙂

    Californication was so fun in its first seasons, I gave up somewhere where the whole Mia situation blew up again. Duchovny doesn’t age indeed, he looks at least 12 years younger than he is.

    1. I really liked that they actually made the Mia situation something real. Every other show would have let the character off easily though he did get just probation but it’s more than some characters get. I’m almost half way through the first book.

  3. I have never seen Veronica Mars but it seems to be all I’ve heard about these last few days! It’ll be interesting to see the film and see what I’m missing!
    Also, good to see the Fight Club love 😀

    1. If you do decide to watch Veronica Mars then go for the first season and maybe the second but skip the third. Trust me. Skip it!
      Thanks for the comment and be sure to read the Fight Club post on Tuesday.

      1. Haha OK I will!
        Don’t worry, I’ll certainly be there for Tuesday’s post.
        Also, I’ve sent you a message on Twitter if you could reply to that asap 🙂

  4. I LOVE Californication. I was obsessed for years with Mulder, so when I heard Duchovny was doing another show some years ago I was ecstatic! Plus the show is great, just gets better and better.

    1. It does seem to go on with the same type of quality! Also.. The time jump didn’t feel awkward. Plus, I’m glad they did it because Becca was getting on my nerves.

  5. I used to watch Californication when it aired after Top Gear and I wanted to be rebel and stay up late… and I started really liking it. The biggest surprise was undeniably loving Hank Moody, all with his sexism and adorableness. Should start watching it again – I think I saw some two and a half seasons of it. Anyway, thanks for bringing it back to my life!

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