Linked 31/3: Tarantino & spring break 4eva


According to my data, it’s the 20th Linked post – is it officially a feature now?

This post comes to you from a very tired person who basically skipped a night of sleep the other day and has not yet made up for it. Hence, I’m a bit thin in the head and my memory isn’t the sharpest – but that’s not gonna stop me and the weekly summary + links!

  • On Monday I watched Being John Malkovich and enjoyed it quite a lot. Tuesday was the day I finally saw Psycho – review up tomorrow if everything goes like planned. And this week’s third and last movie I saw was Spring Breakers on Wednesday.

  • Spring Breakers has had a lot of feedback this week and most of it has been really negative. I happened to love it and the fact that it was so different has inspired my next week’s Wild Wednesday post as well.
  • I’m thinking a long and insightful essay type of post but who knows, sleep insufficiency can last for days so my brain could be running low on writing-fuel next week.
  • Caught up with many teen-shows this week, including Pretty Little Liars with four episodes and The Carrie Diaries with three.
  • Pretty Little Liars is really annoying at times. It gives you info and then twists it more ways than necessary to an extent that you literally don’t care anymore. I do appreciate their Toby and Spencer situation solution but Ezra and Aria – give me a break.
  • The Carrie Diaries is also borderline silly, especially with Mouse and that jock story line but Walt’s plot is delivered with absolute style. Though it’s definitely not my go-to show (as I don’t watch it each week), I still enjoy the entertainment it provides at times of need.
  • Didn’t have any new(full on marathon television show experiences this week – which is shocking coming from me but actually nice. Makes me feel less crazy.

ireland flag

  • I did receive some news regarding my internship and though I haven’t signed the contract or anything, I’m 99% certain that I’ll be spending my Summer in Ireland!
  • This will most likely give me a chance to catch up with my watch-list this Summer because I’m not very sure how well I’ll be able to be aware of the new releases.
  • Therefore I’m even more thrilled that the new Star Trek is coming out in May because it means I can definitely see it before I go abroad.
  • Other this week’s news – Tarantino turned 50 and I paid some tribute to his work in a post called  10 things I love about him. It turned out almost as well as I planned it weeks ago!
  • Thanks for the great feedback under Tarantino’s post. Oh, what the hell, thanks for all the feedback this week! Somehow it means a lot more today and I wanted to point it out.

  • I also want to thank the entire world for making the Game of Thrones season 3 anticipation super hard on me but I did it, I know almost NOTHING about the upcoming season starting TODAY! Have seen no video clips, though tumblr has given me some image-insights but as an Internet person, I’m pretty sure I’m the only fan who is so clueless of everything that’s going to happen this upcoming season starting TODAY!
  • And no, I happened to read 0 pages of Game of Thrones this week – I really should get back to reading fast because I fell behind on my schedule a lot this month. I could take a break from GOT and try not to cry while reading Fault in Our Stars but I doubt that will happen. The not crying part of it, I mean.
  • I’ve gotten some LAMMY love this week and it makes me super excited. I’m still hoping 2 out of 4 possible nominations but we’ll see – at this point, I’ll be happy with just one!
  • PS: I’m having a little personality crisis at the moment. Don’t know why but I guess it’s a Spring thing. Though it actually snowed yesterday! Yes, still snowing in Estonia – how wonderful! And just when I thought I can stop my gym membership and actually run outside.


Light Camera Reaction gave an A+ rating to the beloved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Dan the Man reviewed Mystic River and I think that I need to see it for the third time soon because seeing Sean Penn in that scene breaks my heart in a good-movie-way

Mr. Rumsey also celebrated Tarantino this week with many guest-posts (including my grammar-mistake-filled-The-Unbreakable) and his own take on Lost in Translation.

The Filmviews saw the G.I. Joe: Retaliation and though I have had absolutely no interest in this movie, I’m thinking it’s still worth my time.

Cinematic Corner ends her top 20 favorite Game of Thrones scenes with a heart breaking and thrilling second part. PS: Sati’s long wait for GOT is finally at its end tonight – yay for her and yay for me because she made my spoiler avoiding thing super difficult.

This link really isn’t for a review or anything but TAKE A LOOK at ALEX’s FYC poster! It’s fucking brilliant! I love it a lot for its inspiration as well.

The Walking Dead is wrapping up its third season and though I really don’t care for this season’s bad guy, I do care a lot about Daryl. His character has shown a lot of growth while Rick with his things can’t pull his stuff together. Therefore, it was super sad to see Daryl sad this week as this scene was a brilliantly made.

19 thoughts on “Linked 31/3: Tarantino & spring break 4eva”

  1. “I did receive some news regarding my internship and though I haven’t signed the contract or anything, I’m 99% certain that I’ll be spending my Summer in Ireland! This will most likely give me a chance to catch up with my watch-list this Summer because I’m not very sure how well I’ll be able to be aware of the new releases.”

    We do have cinemas in Ireland you know 🙂 In fact we have the world’s highest rate of cinema attendance and pretty much everything gets released here

    1. I’m not worried about the lack of cinemas – lol – I’m just most likely working most of the time and it does sound like a place in a countryside. 😀

        1. No, it’s not even in a city I think – resort implies something outside the general population usually. As far as my knowledge of the terms goes (as I study these type of things).

        2. Over an hour to Galway. Well, it doesn’t sound that bad but still don’t change my mind please! My watch-list is massssssive with numerous classics in the top of the list. 😀

  2. “while Rick with his things can’t pull his stuff together.” oh hahaha:P See you just spoiled TWD for me 🙂 But I don’t mind any spoilers, for me if the shows are awesome when they don’t rely only on shocks they are the shows to watch so if I already know stuff (and things) I don’t mind.

    oh you are not the only one who knows nothing about season 3. Seeing how much worse some things will play out on TV medium, I just feel terrible for all of those who didn’t read Storm of Swords. Glad you liked my scenes post and thank you for the link!

    1. Hah, stuff and things about Rick spoil a lot of things to others indeed. 😀
      And I hope I don’t know.. I want to read the book but I still need to get my reading back on track but somehow I can’t seem to be bothered with it at the moment. Too many movies need to be watched, too many things need to be done and written. Busy spring.
      And you’re welcome!

  3. I usually love action movies, but really couldn’t enjoy Gi Joe, although I liked the first one. Thanks for the link love!

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