September Favorites


Favorites is a new post-feature where I break down my monthly favorites from movies to TV-shows, from actors to actresses, from drinks to food, from places to people, from books to music etc. – in other words, I ramble about my favorite things from the past month!

New season, new features – because that’s how we roll here on Mettel Ray and by “we” I mean me and myself. Putting the craziness aside there’s an explanation why this new feature is upon us and it’s because I’m putting down an old one: ReWind (monthly blog summary) was apart of this blog for almost a year and it’s time to say goodbye! There are multiple reasons why I decided to set ReWind aside but mostly, the numbers aren’t doing me any favors and it isn’t good for my motivation to look at the statistics. Then again I’m not 100% sure I won’t bring ReWind back for a yearly blog summary but it’s up to you guys, so let me know in the comments if you want to see ReWind 2013 in January. That being said, it’s time to dig into my September Favorites and share some awesome things.

Don Jon

[my review]

sleepy hollow












So here it is, the list of favorites from September. Unfortunately it’s pretty slim-pickens but I promise, next month’s favorites will be combined with much more things which I already have and will love in October. Until then, let me know what are your thoughts on my new feature and my first monthly favorites!

12 thoughts on “September Favorites”

  1. I have no clue who are Missy or Winston but I guess it’s my own fault. A very beautiful post and I’m with Brittani here – JGL… ahhh… I can’t wait to see Don Jon. And I’m gonna be looking forward to this post.

    And Karamel Kinema is awesome!!

  2. Well I really like this feature if it’s going to replace ReWind. Also, Winston is amazing so any time I can be reminded of him I am thrilled!

  3. Cool new addition! Nice substitution for ReWind – I’m not a big fan of those ‘in the month that was…’ posts – everyone is doing those and as much as I love to read my favorite blogs it gets a bit tiring after 5th or 6th posts like that. Thanks so much for linking my post! Only 5 more days for new season, cannot wait.

    1. Yeah, the typical monthly summaries are overgrowing so I decided to span out and hopefully for the next month this post will be even more random. And you’re welcome and yes, I can’ wait for Coven !!

  4. I’m flattered Ray! Thanks for naming my blog as your fave of the month! This is a really cool feature! Kinda fun to pick a favorite every month! I myself is kinda incapable of choosing unfortunately XD
    Btw yay Winston! He needs more love definitely!

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