Breaking Emotions: Tears & Surprise


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Thank you all so much for participating with the first week’s emotions, I can’t tell you how excited I was to read all the posts and quite frankly, dwell in all those views my blog was getting – a great first week I must say! But no time to rest cause there’s no rest for the wicked (so I’ve heard) and it’s time to break the next two emotions: TEARS & SURPRISE.


Now I know TEARS isn’t exactly an emotion but I just like the sound of “breaking tears” over “breaking sadness” and since I’m pretty sure tears are the most emotional thing a person can have, you guys won’t mind. Last time there were some questions regarding the emotions so I’ll try to explain the best as I can this time around – tears = sad. Yes, there are happy tears but I’m not looking for positive scenes, I’m looking for those soul cracking, heart breaking, Simba’s father dying kind of teary scenes.

To balance the sadness, let’s try to break SURPRISE as well – that’s an emotion I rarely have myself because I feel so many movies are becoming predictable but there are some special scenes out there I’m sure. So basically, I’m looking for a plot twist scene that surprised you, or a character’s decision that surprised you, or finding out that somebody is actually somebody’s child kind of surprise – dig deep and find those scenes that surprised you in a jaw dropping way. There are obviously a lot of things that can surprise a viewer but let’s keep it in the plot/character level rather than call for an instance a choice of actor a surprise.

PS: All the participants from last week are linked here, but no worries, there will be a summary post when the time is right (read: when I have some extra time).

The third set of emotions will be up on Monday but until then, get breaking!


Breaking down the most memorable scenes in movies that create the emotion of fear and awkwardness into a list of 3 (if listing both emotions) or 5 (listing only one of the emotions).

To clarify: If breaking both emotions, choose 3 scenes each (6 all together in the post).. if just one emotion, list 5 scenes.

*The lists can be just words, images, videos, all of the above or simply the movie title and the description of that specific scene.


  1. Use the above image in your post and link the official blogathon page as a source (link:
  2. If you break tears and/or surprise link to this post as well!
  3. WordPress users are lucky, link to my blog will automatically inform me of your post but others can let me know about their post by e-mail: or Twitter: use #BEB @MettelRay.
  4. If you plan to take part each week, you can choose to post a banner on your blog. Selection of banners is available here.
  5. There are also images provided down below for this week’s emotions but it isn’t an actual rule to use them. Feel free to create your own!
  6. There isn’t an actual deadline for these emotions but the blogathon does close on December 16th!



25 thoughts on “Breaking Emotions: Tears & Surprise”

  1. This one is going to be an easy one, already can think of a lot of examples! By the way is there an overview post to see all the entries or is it best to just head to the specific posts?

    1. I think she said an overview post will come once she has time… 😉

      But I’m on board, I can already think of quite a few, though I’m 83% sure I’ll be using Mufasa’s death there. Sorry. 😀

    2. Uhm, under the Blogathon page there is the current blogathon and I have already added some of the entries. I need to add some more tomorrow but I try to update it as much as I can. It also has all the Blogathon posts I have posted available there.

  2. Sul on reeglites fear ja awkward vahetamata jäänud.. 😀 ja kas see pilt peab olema nüüd raudselt see pilt, mis sul siin on, või võib lihtsalt blogathoni bänner olla? Mul jäi vist see osa eelmine kord vahele ja mulle NII meeldib see õunabänner… 😀

    1. Säh sulle copy/paste’imist.. lollid vead jäävad sisse. Ei ei, sa võid neid bännereid kasutada, ma neid mõtlesin ka selleks, sest minu tehtud kullakallikesed ikka. 😀

    1. Hah! Well it’s a challenge indeed, I mean.. with so many movies and being movie bloggers, movies don’t tend to surprise us that much anymore.. But maybe some oldie from way back when… 😉

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