Intro: Masters of Sex


Though I haven’t caught up with the series itself, I’m already loving its intro – I was waiting for an intro for the first two episodes and then finally they delivered. It is a dream for a person who loves symbolism because the whole intro is filled with small bits and pieces that pretty much refer to sex and everything around it. Since it is so full of imagery, the post is quite long but I hope you guys will like it. Also, I haven’t done many intro posts but this surely has been the most fun and definitely the brightest one yet.









14 thoughts on “Intro: Masters of Sex”

  1. I really love the show. It’s amazing as well as very insightful into the discovery of sex from the 20th Century. Plus, I love seeing Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan.

  2. Cool intro! I’d love to watch the show but don’t have Showtime right now. Definitely keep my eyes open for it elsewhere. Thanks!

  3. Yeah, the intro’s pretty creative, but about as subtle as a trainwreck. Still made me laugh. When the pilot didn’t have an introduction, I was hoping it would stay that way because, like Ray Donovan, I didn’t think the show needed one, but the montage of images juxtaposed with the choice of music makes watching the introduction very fun. Also, do you follow the show regularly?

    1. I don’t think it’s supposed to be subtle.. it’s part of the appeal, the in your face references. I do follow it now, I skipped some episodes and then did a marathon it and it was the best way to watch it. 😀

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