Fifty-Two Wishes


I was being my usual self, creeping around on blogs and then stumbled on Cinematic Corner’s 50 Wishes post. Some of you might remember this, it was almost 2 years ago and inspired by Southern Vision’s post but obviously I had somehow missed it. But the idea is still great and since nothing ever dies in the blogging world, I hereby bring to you my 52 movie & TV-show related wishes (since it’s two years later, I figured it’s honorable to add some extra wishes).


  1. I wish there were more movies with Heath Ledger.
  2. I wish they stopped making bad sequels like every other sequel.
  3. I wish Leo already had his Oscar!
  4. I wish One Tree Hill had stopped with season 4.
  5. I wish Premium Rush never happened.
  6. I wish I could not remember the Bridesmaids street shitting scene.
  7. I wish I owned the cat from Meet the Parents.
  8. I wish there were more TV-shows like Friends.
  9. I wish War horse didn’t have such praise.
  10. I wish I had fallen asleep while watching The Tree of Life.Accidentally-Purpose-tv-03
  11. I wish they didn’t cancel Accidentally on Purpose.
  12. I wish they did cancel Cougar Town.
  13. I wish Atonement ended differently.
  14. I wish there never was a Sex and a City movie.
  15. I wish High School Musical songs weren’t so damn catchy.
  16. I wish (in secret) that Supernatural ended with season 5.
  17. I wish they didn’t try to remake everything.
  18. I wish Guy Ritchie would make something as great as Snatch again.
  19. I wish Johnny Depp would get back to his glory days.
  20. I wish Tim Burton did the same.
  21. I wish there were more rom-com’s from the male perspective.alice in wonderland
  22. I wish Alice in Wonderland was less CGI.
  23. I wish Shameless US got more recognition.
  24. I wish they made more black and white movies like Frances Ha and The Artist.
  25. I wish HBO kept The Newsroom for longer than just 4 seasons.
  26. I wish Dead Poets Society won the Best Picture instead of Driving Miss Daisy.
  27. I wish Melissa McCarthy got cast in less annoying roles.
  28. I wish Ezra Miller did more movies.
  29. I wish Revenge didn’t go all soapy after season 1.
  30. I wish Christopher Nolan keeps doing what he does.
  31. I wish The Originals was all about Klaus.
  32. I wish The Vampire Diaries was all about Klaus and Caroline.
  33. I wish Michael Fassbender was in Nymphomaniac.
  34. I wish Emma Stone went back to being a red head.
  35. I wish Adam Sandler stopped making movies.
  36. I wish there were more book adapted franchises like Harry Potter.
  37. I wish Hart of Dixie didn’t screw up Wade’s storyline.
  38. I wish My Mad Fat Diary had more episodes.
  39. I wish Canadian TV-shows got more love.
  40. I wish people got over Glee already.
  41. I wish movie parodies were more clever and not so damn stupid.
  42. I wish Wentworth Miller will have a great screenwriting career. robert sheehan misfits
  43. I wish Robert Sheehan hadn’t left Misfits after season 2.
  44. I wish Olivia Wilde had more roles like Kate in Drinking Buddies.
  45. I wish there were more perfect screenplays like Zodiac.
  46. I wish Idris Elba was James Bond.
  47. I wish Russell Brand and Paris Hilton stayed far away from acting.
  48. I wish people would stop hating on James Franco.
  49. I wish people could cool down their emotions, good and bad, regarding Jennifer Lawrence.
  50. I wish Jennifer Aniston would break out of her comfort zone.
  51. I wish movie trailers didn’t reveal so much about the movie.
  52. I wish more movies would surprise me like Spring Breakers did.

19 thoughts on “Fifty-Two Wishes”

  1. Totally agreed on Number 1.

    And number 15. I loved that show through the first five seasons, tried season six and quit half way through, just so I could pretend it ended when it should have.

    Also agreed with 27. She is a great actor. I don’t care that she’s funny and overweight. Start using her to portray the nuance and depth she is capable of giving, if only to stop stereotyping.

    And 46. Huh. Idris Elba as James Bond. Huh again. I’d pay to see that.

    1. I know.. all these points would make a lot of great arguments and rambles but yes, agreed that it should have ended when it was kind of meant to end, you know.. with Kripke.

  2. I agree with ohh so many of these, too! Even the Supernatural one. Lovely post idea, too, and encouraging that I’m not the only one creeping on others’ blogs. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Holy shit, this was based on my post? I don’t even remember writing that, I need to stop drinking so much. Or writing so much because it all blends together sometimes.

    “I wish there were more TV-shows like Friends.” – yep, such warmth and true sense of friendship is so rare in TV nowadays. It’s all too much of a caricature these days.

    1. It was 2 years ago.. so it seems a long time in the bloggingsphere but yes, I was creeping around your blog and it was a really nice post so I wanted to share my wishes as well.

      I miss Friends every day….

  4. Some outstanding wishes here and also the best Fassbender gif EVERRR! One is definitely going to come true because Mad Fat Diary is coming back for a second season.

      1. 6 episodes per season is the perfect length. I find the pacing in American series so drawn out with so much unnecessary padding. I suppose it depends on what you’re used to.

  5. Thank you for acknowledging #39 ๐Ÿ™‚ Its so true about #15. TVD should be more about Klaus and Caroline. I love Damon and Stefan but its getting a bit old. I haven’t started The Originals but I’d always love to see more of Klaus! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m down for Idris Elba as James Bond, goodness, that would be wow! Loved this!

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