Hibernation (aka Blog Break)


During hibernation, when I’m not thesis-writing, I’ll look like this …

So this situation was probably inevitable.. partly because I’m very talented at leaving things to the last minute and mostly because I’m really bad at time management. Therefore, my thesis is currently lacking form and content which I have to find, write and edit very soon; and in order to give my thesis its truly deserved focus and dedication, Mettel Ray is sadly hibernating until May.

Mettel Ray’s 4th birthday is coming up on May 1st so I might show some life signs then but I’ll be officially back with blogging by the 12th!

Writing this post is literally breaking my heart at the moment but I have to do what’s best for me and my education. I’m pretty certain you guys will understand and/or have been in the same situation that I’m currently in, so wish me luck and I’ll see you all in May!


Stay in touch with Mettel Ray during hibernation via Twitter and Letterboxd !


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