20 Things: Movies I Want to See in 2015

intro imageBefore I wrap up 2014 I peek towards the upcoming year filled with big names and even bigger movies. There’s action, there’s comedy, there’s tears and then there’s singing because you can’t be without singing and dancing! Some of these movies in this list are there because of anticipation, others I’m just curious about. But who knows what 2015 will bring but I for one  hope it brings a lot of greatness just like 2014 did!

Since I follow the IMDb and its release dates, some of the movies in this list aren’t necessarily 2015 movies but fall under the 2014 category. This is partially a problem because I never know where to place them in my end of the year list and possibly fail to mention them next year – it’s confusing and frustrating. Anyway, here are the 20 movies I really want to see in 2015.

My most anticipated are highlighted.

american sniper

American Sniper  /  Birdman  /  Unbroken  /  While We’re Young


Fifty Shades of Grey  /  Kingsman: The Secret Service  /  The Duff

jurassic world

Jurassic World  /  Tomorrowland  /  Paper Towns  /  Ant-Man

the walk

The Fantastic Four  /  The Walk  /  Crimson Peak


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Spectre  /  Avengers: Age of Ultron

the martian

The Martian  /  Everest  /  Pitch Perfect 2


42 thoughts on “20 Things: Movies I Want to See in 2015”

  1. Some good choices. I have zero faith in Fantastic Four. I do really hope Kingsman is good. The trailer has menanlittle worried but Firth is always good so….

    1. I’m curious about Fantastic Four.. because I like Teller and I do think the cast is refreshing but Kingsman, fingers crossed man, fingers crossed because it could be so good!

  2. Uh oh. I’m slowly accepting how much I’m looking forward to Fifty Shades of Grey. The Martian and Everest sound awesome, and I hadn’t even heard of them before this post! Oh, and Paper Towns, hm? Didn’t like the book too much, but I have a feeling the film is going to be good. And oh, Kingsman??? Jesus, I’m already liking this year!

    1. This year has some fun ones indeed but I really liked Paper Towns.. more than TFIOUS to be honest.. I didn’t even manage to watch the movie from start to finish so I’m hoping better things for Paper Towns. 🙂

  3. Kingsmen and Martian both look awesome. Then the obvious Avengers Star Wars Bond etc. Gonna be a great year, one of the biggest blockbuster years ive seen.

    1. And I left out so many that didn’t have any details or images or trailers out yet from the second half of the year so.. this isn’t even a complete list!

  4. Absolutely loved Skyfall so I can’t wait for Spectre, pretty amazing that they haven’t finished filming yet but it’s coming out later this year. Age of Ultron is my most anticipated, so excited! 🙂

    1. Age of Ultron isn’t on top of my list to be honest.. I’m more thrilled about Ant-Man in a way because I’m curious to see Paul Rudd as a superhero.

  5. Crimson Peak is probably my most anticipated, I just hope it’s gonna be good, del Toro has not been delivering good movies recently :/

  6. Great list! I’ve not heard of some of these. Is The Walk about the same story from Man on Wire? Looks that way from the pic. If so, that is intriguing. Count me as another with no faith in Fantastic Four, though.

    1. Yes, The Walk is the non-documentary movie about the same thing.. Joseph Gordon Levitt is wearing contact lenses and a horrid wig again. And all this lack of faith in Fantastic4 makes me want for it to be amazing….but it probably won’t be as amazing as so many other blockbuster movies this year!

  7. Nice choices! The Duff pisses me off though. Mae Whitman has been playing teenagers for a decade and in what world is she the “ugly fat friend?” Ugh!!!

    1. True but I love Whitman so much besides, in the trailer the Amell dude says that the duff doesn’t have to be fat blabla.. I don’t know, she is adorable and I’m gonna watch that movie anyway.

  8. Great choices! Looking forward for Birdman, Spectre, Avengers, Jurassic World and Ant-man as well. Kind of iffy about The Martian though, primarily because of casting (and that it might be reminiscent of Interstellar).

  9. What an awesome list Abbi. I’ve slowly come around to accepting that Jurassic World is happening; I am loving Chris Pratt more and more each day so I think that’ll be really fun.

      1. No worries, I’ve typed some weird stuff while watching movies so I totally get what just happened there! 😀

        I’m also looking forward to seeing that kid from Kings of Summer in Jurassic World.. I really liked him there but the trailer so far hasn’t really shown a lot of range from him, hope he has some amazing scenes.

  10. Such great picks! I’m looking forward to 50 Shades too – despite so many people online saying it’s going to be terrible. For Jamie’s sake, I hope it isn’t. I really need to read Paper Towns before that comes out. And, can’t wait to see Birdman too. 🙂

    1. Jamie is the reason I’m going to watch it and I’m on the same boat for hoping it works because the work Jamie did on The Fall – fabulous!

  11. It’s the same thing here. There are some movies fall into 2014 categories, but scheduled to play on 2015. Therefore, it might not appear in any year-end list. Lol.
    However, you have great picks there! Although I’m not being as excited to see 50 Shades of Grey, but I’m excited to watch Star Wars instead.
    Anyway, it’s Mockingjay part 2 there 🙂

    1. It bothers me because with my end of the year list I usually go for the time it was released and don’t consider my countries release date. I think I’m missing so many good ones this year because of that… I think.

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