Dream Vacation Blog Challenge

The lovely Katy over at Girl Meets Cinema is challenging us with something special, something that is pretty much a fundamental part of life – a dream vacation! The challenge is to pick one (or more) movie related locations and at least three travel companions from the film universe. Since my vacation starts on Monday !!  I actually had a lot of fun imagining my dream vacation and especially the characters I would bring with!

Location: Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand inspired by The Beach (2000)

dream vacation blogathon mash up location

Even the title of the film is referencing this amazing location that is the exotic Ko Phi Phi Lee. Honestly, I wouldn’t think this as my first location because I’m not much for heat and humidity, but it’s been the worst Summer weather here in Estonia lately so.. sweaty hot sounds good right about now! Besides, I feel like this location is mostly about the beach fun, and yet, there’s some nature exploring available and well, speed boating because who wouldn’t want to speed on that light blue water!? I know I want to!

Companions: Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project), Owen (Jurassic World) & Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

So this is how I see it.. Mindy would be the perfect gal-pal to go on a holiday with. Sure, she’s not the most outdoorsy kind of person but I mean, sipping margaritas on the beach and checking out the guys – that sounds like fun! Then there’s the day time island adventure and speed boating which Owen would be in charge of cause you know, he looks like Chris Pratt and that’s pretty much my whole explanation. And to top off the day, it’s the evening / night fun and who better to entertain than Stiles Stilinski?! And yes, the entertainment is what you think it is, pun intended.


So, where would you go and who would you take with?

7 thoughts on “Dream Vacation Blog Challenge”

  1. OMG Chris Pratt!!!! ❤ I agree. And I agree with The Beach, though less hostile people situated there would be nice. I love this blogathon!

  2. It would be cool sharing a beer with Pratt but I would be tempted to kill and eat the guy from Teen Wolf and Mindy. Especially if we are all on a deserted Island

    1. Oh, also good pick! I didn’t even think about European locations.. probably because I have been around here and well, my dream would go far far away. 😀

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