21st Century’s Sweet Sixteen

HNY2015 is no more, and 2016 is upon us with so many great and amazing things ahead, I can just feel it! Last night I watched Sherlock’s special, and thus began my year of loving cinema and TV shows, and I also picked up a book, to continue my love affair with reading. I also scribbled down some story concepts, and played around with creative ideas for things I have planned. And I have to say, this year already feels a little different but, I’m probably still just a little drunk, so therefore more open to optimistic thinking and positive affirmations. Or maybe the actual reason why 2016 feels so different already, is the fact that the 21st century has just turned 16 and that’s the sweetest motherfucking number on any calender!

8 thoughts on “21st Century’s Sweet Sixteen”

  1. Happy New Year! I hope it’s a great on, I’m catching Sherlock’s Christmas special tonight since I couldn’t switch Making A Murderer off to watch it last night.

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