Promising New Television Shows for Summer

animal kingdom

Though my television addiction has sub-sided over the years, I’m still curious about the new shows that come out throughout the year. So every now and then, I take a look at the premier dates, and try to keep an eye on the ones that spark my interest. Here are five promising shows that premier this month.

animal kingdom 2ANIMAL KINGDOM

Premiers on 14th of June

Based on a movie by the same name, which was good, the series follows the same story – a 17 year old moves in with his grandmother after his mother’s death. The movie was interesting, and I liked the family dynamics it had, complicated and heavy, but I’m uncertain about the show. Jacki Weaver’s character in the movie was spot on, she played the grandmother so well; strong, straight forward, scary at times, and I’m not sure if Ellen Barkin can live up to that. Then again, I’ll give it a chance, because if it is half as good as the movie, it’s already pretty good.

feed the beastFEED THE BEAST

Premiers on 5th of June

Now, I can’t remember the last time I saw David Schwimmer, but it seems like the guy has been around more lately and in Feed the Beast he takes on a more important role. Two friends, one of whom is portrayed by Schwimmer, open up a restaurant due to money issues. The trailer does highlight the food a little, but it seems family drama and thugs are more in focus, than the restaurant side of it. But hopefully there’s some balance, and the show highlights food as well, otherwise I don’t know if there’s something to catch my attention.


Premiers on 13th of June

The only thing I know about this show is the fact that the main character is American, she lives in London, and her roommate is murdered. The title seems like the main character feels guilty, and maybe the show will make it look like she herself was the killer, but whoย  knows. I’ll definitely take a look, and I’m hoping for a great crime series (which won’t be a one season wonder).


Premiers on 14th of June

Still looking for that good new comedy, and maybe this Lost inspired series, were the characters are stuck on a tropical island, will be the one! The humor twist on the plot, that has usually been all about the drama, makes me curious but the cast is quite unknown to me, so who knows. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t, but I’ll find out soon myself.


Premiers on 26th of June

First original series by Showtime, Roadies is about the people behind the shows, that everybody talks about without mentioning the people who set it all up. I’ve got some friends in the entertainment business, who do such kind of work, and I’m quite thrilled to see what the show is about. The biggest fear, the show is way too over the top with the drama, and not enough about the actual people and the work, that helps to bring joy to so many people.

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What are you excited to see this summer? And have any other new upcoming shows sparked an interest?


10 thoughts on “Promising New Television Shows for Summer”

  1. See Guilt tundub huvitav, kindlasti tsekin ka รผle ๐Ÿ™‚ ja ausรตna, vรตiks nagu pikem olla, kui ainult รผks hooaeg ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. *whoops* on Hulu because I love Aaron Paul and that looks interesting. I’ll probably check out the new HBO shows too. I mostly can’t wait for Mr. Robot to come back, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these shows!

    1. I need to watch that as well. Also I need to check out The Preacher. I didn’t include it here but I think Outsider comes out this summer as well but I already know I will watch it because the first ep leaked and I was all over that!

  3. I haven’t heard of any of these shows. *Hides head in shame* My Summer TV viewing actually tends more towards the melodramatic and silly so I’ll be watching Zoo, Wayward Pines, and Beauty and the Beast.

  4. I would avoid Roadies. Why? Cameron Crowe is a fucking hack who doesn’t have it anymore. He is too comfortable with his own bullshit and has the need to make everything feel special. What a prick.

  5. Hadn’t really heard of some of these but they seem interesting. Animal Kingdom looks really wild. I hope it’s good! Cool list!

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