My Top 5 Favorite Movie Related YouTube Channels

Last week I started thinking about YouTube channels that focus on movies, and I realized I’m subscribed to very few (six in total), and I wanted to share them! So here is a list of my Top 5 favorite movie related YouTube channels!

Notable mention: Screen Rant, CineFix, Channel Criswell, Now You See It, Lessons From the Screenplay




The channel is filled with movie related videos, but the highlight for them is by far the Honest Trailer series. Picking apart great movies, not so good movies, Screen Junkies picks at all of them and it’s hilarious!



burger fiction

From evolution videos to supercuts, Burger Fiction provides all the movie addicts just the right dose of one liners, or frequent camera movements in an entertaining way.



chris stuckmann

Chris reviews movies. That’s pretty much all there is to it but the thing I like about him is the fact that he isn’t annoying, like many of the movie reviews on YouTube tend to be. Quick, fun and honest reviews – I’m Stuckmanized.



every frame a painting

Things get a little more educational with the last two spots in my Top 5 and Every Frame a Painting is educational and interesting. There is a video about how Vancouver always plays other cities, and the David Fincher video is amazing!



darren must see films

And finally, there’s Darren and his very researched and very educational videos about storytelling, Kubrick and many other things. He also does very thoughtful movie reviews, and his attention to detail is inspiring.


What are your favorite YouTube channels related to movies? Are any of these on your subscription list?






11 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Movie Related YouTube Channels”

  1. I love Screen Junkies. I’m really bad about watching vlogs. That’s something I need to get better at.

    1. I’m good at watching them lately. But I do have those moments when I don’t watch any Youtube videos at all.. like currently I’m not watching any movies nor shows. :/

  2. I love Every Frame a Painting. He uploads so infrequently but you just know that it’s going to be quality when he does. Screen Junkies are good fun too – I listen to their Movie Fights podcast when I’m at work πŸ™‚

    1. If you love Every Frame of Painting I’d definitely recommend Must See Films as well. He, I think, uploads a bit more often and it’s also quite interesting!

  3. I love watching Chris Stuckman and Leah Hather for quick reviews on recent movies Every Frame a Painting, CineFix and Renegade Cut for deeper analysis on films. Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Snob for reviews on retro movies. Also enjoy Cine Gamer too.

    1. I used to like it a lot too, and now I’ve stumbled on others and now I prefer those to SJ. But Honest Trailers are indeed awesome and honest!

  4. We’re big fans of Screen Junkies and Chris Stuckman.
    I’d also suggest Cinema Sins and @TipsyCinemaReview (although, we’re not on youtube)
    We review movies with a drink in hand. Check us out on all of your favorite podcasting venues, or here on WordPress.

  5. You should definitely check out Schmoes Know. If you like movie trivia, they have an ongoing trivia competition every week

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