Our Movie Alphabet Vol 2

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Trying to find the right words for this post seems like an impossible defeat but I’m determined to conquer my inability to form meaningful sentences. The thing is, this post means a lot. The idea behind it was to celebrate an exceptional event, Mettel Ray’s 7th birthday, and the celebration was amazing!

When I announced My Movie Alphabet Vol 2, I didn’t expect many to participate, but there were twelve amazing bloggers who took part in this tiny adventure, and I’m so thankful! During these past seven years I’ve seen things change but so many of you have stayed the same, in the best way possible. Some of us have stopped blogging, some of us have chosen to seek other adventures outside the blogsphere, but most of us will probably find comfort in our little web-babies. I’m one of those forever web-baby lovers because Mettel Ray is a place where I can leave my thoughts and sometimes it’s the only place where I’m completely honest.

Yet that is not the point of this post today. The point is to celebrate our movie alphabets, which, I must say, are all so different that it puts a big smile on my face. Through that diversity I wanted to celebrate all of you, and all of your alphabets!

PS: All participants are listed in an alphabetic order, and for random reasons I’m not including my own alphabet in this one. But you can find my first alphabet here and my second one here.

Thank you all again for participating and let me know which of these letters surprised you the most!

19 thoughts on “Our Movie Alphabet Vol 2”

  1. Excuse me, I have not stayed the same. I have been becoming progressively more and more insane with each RF 😀

    This has been so fun to make but it was also so much work and I’d not do that just for anyone :* To many, many more in the future!

    And God bless Days of Future Past.

    1. Maybe that part of you was always there but now it’s more prone to come out each Friday? 😀

      Thank you so much! The visuals really do ask for some time and than you so much for giving me some of your precious time! I know all to well that time is very important for us working gals!!

      God bless Hugh!

  2. Every letter is full of great surprises – interesting when a film like “Under The Skin” is mentioned so much – means a cult following exists and passionate fans want to spread the word!

    And honestly, you CANNOT TOP “Zardoz” as the strangest big studio release of all time – 007 in a red diaper? C’mon, embrace it!

    1. Ashamed to say that I still haven’t seen Under the Skin myself.. And well, I don’t know if I’ll ever watch Zardoz, it just looks too weird to me. 😀

      1. Zardoz is amazingly misguided – maybe that’s why I am so fascinated! These lists are great fun as they showcase stuff we may have missed – nice job!

  3. Wow this looks amazing! I love how there was a nice variety until we nearly all chose X-Men movies lol

  4. That was just wonderful , I’m flattered .

    I would like to have my own Movie Alphabet in near future too about both Indian Cinema & World Cinema . [ but that would take a lot to watch so many grate movies and by that rate it will be around 2020 🙂 ]

  5. This is so rad.

    I totally should have participated. But, you know, I’m a horrible, horrible person.

    Awesome post! FEEL BETTER!!!

  6. Yay! You’ve put this together beautifully, go us!
    I really hope we get to do this again sooner than 7 years time.
    But seriously, congratulations on such a huge milestone!

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