Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Non-English

This is probably the hardest television challenge I have to endure this year because I do not watch any television shows that are non-English. And, to make matters worse, I don’t even watch Estonian shows, which could make this list easily the simplest. But no such luck and I have to wiggle myself out of this one by creating a theme into a theme! In other words, all my picks for this week’s shows are English versions of non-English television shows!

1. EYEWITNESS (2016) based on a Norwegian show called ØYEVITNE (2014)

Sadly this entry is a one season wonder that captured my attention because it’s crime oriented and it features two teen characters who happen to be gay. The US version was pretty good in my opinion but sadly it didn’t get enough viewers to get upgraded for season 2, which is a shame because the lead characters were pretty special in my opinion. But since the show did wrap up its first season nicely, I’ll pretend it was a mini-series, which makes everything a little better.

2. UGLY BETTY (2006-2010) based on a Colombian show called YO SOY BETTY, LA FEA (1999-2001)

When it first aired I was on board right away because Betty was quirky and weird, which at that time was a refreshing thing on TV. Gradually the show got weaker and though it started off very strong, I felt like it lost its charm by season 3. That being said, the first season is fun and entertaining, so I recommend to watch it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

3. THE KILLING (2011-2014) based on a Danish show called FORBRYDELSEN (2007-2012)

Now, being completely honest, I did only watch two seasons of The Killing and I loved those, and then I just forgot about it. That being said, the first season of The Killing was amazing! And the thing that gave me the most pleasure was watching Joel Kinnaman and listening to him talk. There’s just something about him that demanded my attention. I miss him. He is in such shitty movies and I just can’t seem to force myself to watch any of those. So I might rewatch the first two seasons of The Killing soon, since I do like the dark vibe of the show and its crime element.


9 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Non-English”

  1. I like what you did with this week’s theme! I’ve only seen Ugly Betty from your picks and I wish they got more seasons. The way it ended was such a cop out because the show was taking its time to get to that direction romantically with Betty, but because of the cancellation, the last few episodes just attached it to the ending like it was no big deal.

    1. Thank you! I had a hard time with this one but I think I wiggled myself out of it. 😅 I didn’t stick with the show until the end but I hate when they do that! Kyle XY was the worst cancellation for me.

  2. I almost took this route but thought this might end up as another challenge down the road. I had nothing this week either and I wished I could have found the clip where Benny Hill played Hoss speaking German…it was hilarious. I don’t know any of these shows you picked but they do sound good.

  3. I never watced the original Killing, I liked the US version although I was annoyed they stretched the first story over two seasons. Oh Ugly Betty, I was obsessed with this show – Loved it!!

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