Thursday Movie Picks 2017: From January to December

Well well well, I fucking did it! I’m sorry for cursing but I’m so damn proud of myself that I kept at it for an entire year! I decided to participate in Thursday Movie Picks in 2016 but I picked it up at the end of August so that year technically didn’t count. This year though, I was successful (with one minor mishap of publishing on a Friday instead), and I figured, before I publish my last Thursday Movie Picks of 2017 tomorrow, that I’ll create a list of all my picks from this year. Oh and yes, I will continue picking movies every Thursday in 2018 as well!


Legal Thrillers

Fashion World

Movies Featuring an Actor or an Actress Who Passed Away in 2016

TV: Science Fiction


Movies About Artists – Painters


Shakespeare Adaptation

TV: Superheroes/Super Powers


On The Run

Remakes/Sequels/Reboots (of a movie that hasn’t got one) You Want to See

Ancient World (3600 BC – 500 AD)

The Underdog

TV: Period Drama




A Disappearance

TV: Police

* MAY *


Desert (Hot & Cold)

The Renaissance (14-17th Century)

TV: Time Travel

* JUNE *

Tall Buildings

Double Feature

Movies Based on True Events

The Woods

TV: Medical Drama

* JULY *

Summer Vacation

Amusement Parks

The Chosen One

TV: Non-English


Crime Family

Summer Blockbusters


The Stage

TV: High School


Animated Films Geared Towards Adults

Financial World

Just Not Funny Comedies

TV: Family


Halloween Edition: Masks

Halloween Edition: Dolls

Halloween Edition: Body Horror

TV Halloween Edition: Horror


A Stranger

An Adaptation You Want to See

Movies With Strong Female Character

Origin Movies

TV: Workplace


Ugly Duckling Into Beautiful Swan Makeover

Small Towns

2018 Movies You’re Looking Forward To

TV: Friendship

10 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks 2017: From January to December”

  1. Great job! I managed to do all the weeks except the foreign TV week of which I know bupkis.

    It’s a challenge to get something together every week but fun as well. I’ve discovered so many films to give a try through the series and hope I’ve been able to inspire viewing of some of the ones I’ve used…unless it was something I was warning against and then I hope I spared someone the misery I went through when I watched them!

    1. Oh well next year we will again have the foreign TV week which is when I’ll be screwed because I haven’t seen anything really!

      It is fun and it is a challenge, but I hope you participate next year as well! 🙂

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