I’m quite the character to say at least.

– me about myself

The fact that you have ended up here means that you are curious about me – well, there’s no need to look further because here’s everything you need to know about Mettel Ray (which is my writing alias).

  • I’m 27 of age and still trying to figure out who I want to be when I grow up.
  • Place of origin: Estonia.
  • It should be obvious but just to clarify, I’m a movie addict and a TV-show fanatic. Meaning, my life pretty much evolves around fictional characters day in, day out.
  • I have difficulty to love just one or two things at once, I tend to like many things at the same time.
  • Except when it comes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, him I love to pieces.
  • Mettel Ray (Movie Blog) started in May, 2010.
  • Since then it has had its ups and downs but is still growing strong which makes me a proud mama.
  • I’m also a proud member of LAMB, (#1168).
  • Internet is my social life.
  • So much so, that I have developed a secret spy like system in order to remember ALL my account passwords all over the Internet.
  • I like bananas.
  • Being an only child probably has not helped me but it has had its benefits.
  • 80% of the time, I go to the cinema alone – even if it is Valentine’s day and I’m going to see Valentine’s Day.
  • Clearly I hated myself that day because I hate Valentine’s day AND I hate romantic comedies.
  • I love the color black.
  • When people ask me what is my favorite movie I refer them to my Top 50 Favorite Movies (1 & 2): to this day that is the best post  I’ve done since starting this movie blog.
  • It’s Snatch. by the way, my favorite movie.
  • Coffee runs in my veins.
  • I know a lot of people, I call only a few of them my friends.
  • Love of writing and not being able to write fiction for some odd reason led me to create this blog.
  • Still haven’t been able to write fiction which is kind of a bummer because it is kind of my dream…
  • I feel at my best while driving behind the wheel because it’s one of the few places where I feel in total control over my life.
  • Not going to lie, I have developed a slight addiction to make up, especially lipsticks.
  • I have had six jobs.
  • I’m currently finishing my Master’s degree.
  • Despite my make up addiction, I don’t consider myself as girly.
  • I like drinking beer from a bottle/can, I prefer sports to any romantic comedy and if I had the means I’d probably play video games all day long.
  • People have said my English is very good and my accent is quite American.
  • I’m crediting it to all those American movies I watched as a kid.
  • I currently own over a 100 original DVDs and I’m slightly addicted to buying books as well.
  • Since so much of my money is spent on DVDs and books, 75% of my wardrobe is bought from thrift shops.
  • And yes, Macklemore’s Thrift Shop is my anthem. In other words, I’d rather spend money in thrift stores than shops with over priced clothing items.
  • There’s no exact word for my music preference but it is definitely not pop music.
  • It makes sense because my movie taste varies a lot as well.
  • Used to hate the color pink. Still do but in less capacity.
  • I have difficulty remembering song lyrics and yet, I can visually remember at least one scene of every movie I’ve seen.
  • Based on my Letterboxd account and a very long evening of adding films, I am certain I have seen close to a 1000 movies.
  • My cat is named after Phoebe from Friends.
  • In a way, I consider Friends as my favorite TV-show of all time.
  • When I was little, I was extremely scared of The Mask and my parents took advantage of that situation… a lot.
  • First word I learned in Russian was мороженое – it means ice cream.
  • No, Russian is not the same as Estonian!
  • I am not afraid of heights (only when it’s windy and I’m climbing a tree or something), snakes, water, bugs, public places – so pretty much nothing scares me.
  • Yes, I’m not even afraid of spiders nor mice! Bring it on, nature!
  • My favorite moment is when it’s snowing and everything around me is quiet and peaceful.
  • Summer is not my favorite season, it’s actually winter.
  • My astrology sign is Aquarius.
  • I could consider swimming as my favorite activity but since I have tried surfing, it is now a very close second.
  • Sometimes I think I’m emotionally unable to help people, my best method of comfort is making people laugh because I think I am funny.
  • My humor is sarcastic, ironic and in some cases, quite dirty.
  • Plus, I have a tendency to over share which is proven by this list!


For news, wishes or secret messages contact me at: mettelray@msn.com

24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey!

    Nick from http://www.cinekatz.com here. Doing some scout work for the LAMB. We’re wanting to make an email newsletter for community features as well as a list we’re making similar to Sight & Sound’s best movies of all time list. Just need an email! Email me at npowe131 at gmail.com

    1. Oh, many thanks! I actually received this a while back so I won’t officially receive it on my blog but it still feels awesome to get an award!

  2. Hi, Jack here, just want to say how absolutely amazing your site is and I want to congratulate you on that! I mean, wow! I cannot get enough! it is an absolutely brilliant blog!

  3. Hello, I recently found your blog and I highly enjoy your insights on cinema and your film reviews. This has become my new favorite blog! This site has enlightened me with new information and gave me a new perspective on this topic.

  4. Hi Mettel Ray, Very nice introduction of yourself. Nice meeting you! Mostly of my friends are Aquarius. I came to your site because of your Chasing Liberty post. It’s kind of old but I watched it again, not your favorite romantic comedy. I hope, you would not mind if I’ll grab the photo you used. Anyway, see you around! I’m from the Philippines and currently based in Singapore. Your personality seems nice and interesting. Have a good day! 🙂

  5. Great to see a nearby blogger – I’m in Finland x Just stumbled onto your site – sadly missing your blogathon by days – but yay x Freakily writing a review on Joseph Gordon Levitt as I write (reviewed him in the Walk if you need a dose of JGL now x) but more of a DiCaprio (in his chunkier days) groupie x

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