Thursday Movie Picks: Just Not Funny Comedies

First thought that came to mind with this week’s theme was “huh?!” In other words, I’m a bit flustered at the moment and not really getting the meaning behind the theme. Is it to list comedies that I think are not funny? Well, that would include almost every comedy there is, since I’m very picky about comedies. But I’d rather take it to another direction, the drama-comedy angle. In other words, here are three drama-comedies, that are just not ONLY funny but also full of wisdom!

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Thursday Movie Picks: Financial World

This is such an ironic theme since I feel like I’m not good at financial stuff and adulting in general. I actually went into the bookstore on Tuesday, and walked out with a tiny mug that said “I can’t adult today”. I say tiny because my coffee mug is 0,8 litres (not joking guys, I like my mugs HUGE), and this one is like 0,33 max. Still going to use it though, mostly as a prop but like I said, I’m not good at this adult/financial thing.

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Commercial Break #85

Past few weeks have been quiet here on Mettel Ray because I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. It’s nothing serious, no health related things, just an off month it seems. But that being said, I’ll try to put as much effort in to at least posting Thursday Movie Picks each week, and then Commercial Breaks as well if I have time to sit down properly. Reviews.. well, we’ll see.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Animated Films Geared Towards Adults

As seen from the emptiness of posts on my blog, and the lack of comment replies, I’m a bit unfocused at the moment. Maybe it’s the grey weather, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but maybe it’s just me being grumpy with old age. Anyway, this week’s theme at least gave me a chance to think about the happier moments in life. Those moments in animated movies that feel very grown up and adult. By the way, I don’t know if my picks are definitely geared towards adults, but I feel like these movies have very adult-like qualities to them.

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: High School

This is probably my favourite theme among this year’s television picks because I have so many shows to choose from! I’m literally wondering how many I can fit into this category and I guess the number could be huge – but I’m keeping a few for other themes because girl plans ahead! Therefore, this list has only five picks for this week but I swear, there’s something for everyone here with the theme being so god damn juicy! PS: Happy new school year to all the students and teachers out there, stay strong and educate on!

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