Sunshine Blogger Award

When I first started blogging, and found a community that shared the same passion for movies, I did these award posts almost every other month. Since then, there have been possibilities, Liebester Award comes by every now and then, but I guess I have been sort of uninspired to participate again. But I figured what better way to get back into it with a bit of Sunshine!

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Commercial Break #40

tumblr_o5a2fnVDmT1qf8em3o4_1280Well well well. It’s another year that has gone by like that, and Mettel Ray has aged another full year! 6 years of blogging, 6 years worth of posts and growth, that sometimes feels like a task, but mostly, like a part of me that I can’t shake. This year I haven’t planned for anything, I don’t even have an idea for something spectacular. And I guess it’s fitting, just like my own birthdays became more subdued, Mettel Ray’s blog celebration took place in silence.

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27 Movie Characters From 27 Years

dvd_uncleLast year, to celebrate my birthday, I made a list of 26 movie scenes from 26 years and it turned out wonderfully. And as a sucker for traditions, I decided to revisit this formula for this year, my 27th birthday (god, I’m old), and share 27 characters from the past 27 years that are lovable and/or intriguing, but more importantly, memorable above others!

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40 Movies of 2016 (Part 2)

40 movies of 2016 part 2The funny thing is, I had planned for a much simpler post. I had a number in mind, 15 and I set out to search for those 15. Then it turned to 30, and now there are 40 movies and this is the second part of that post because to fit 40 into a single post seemed just too extensive (part 1 here). But to clarify, I’m not 100% anticipating to see all 40, I’m simply curious about what’s to come in 2016.

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RIP Alan Rickman

rip alan rickmanSo far, in my life, I have felt sad many times while the world has lost many great people. Talented actors, actresses, singers, writers, athletes, inspiring people – I’ve been sad because they left a mark on the world, and I felt connected to them through their body of work. Yet, I have only cried twice in my life over the loss of an actor, once eight years ago when Heath Ledger passed unexpectedly, and today, when Alan Rickman lost his fight to cancer. And as another day in January becomes bitter and sweet, I will promise to remember all the greatness Alan Rickman left behind…

… always.