4 Kings (2015)

4-konigeAfter two months of not stepping into a movie theater I broke the curse, and saw two movies on a Sunday at my local theater. Both movies were apart of the Black Nights Movie Festival, and both movies I loved for their emotional impact and powerful story telling. First of those movies was 4 Kings, a German movie about four teenagers and their struggles.

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High Tension (2003)


Trying out some new image editing but can’t get rid of that rating twitching – I’m guessing it’s just shaking from fear or something.

For those who happen to stumble upon this blog because of this post, keep in mind, I’m definitely not a horror person. When I was a kid, I was terrified of The Mask and that shit was funny so you can just imagine what real horror might have done to me! So for the longest of times, I have thought that horror is not a genre I will ever watch or let alone like. After watching High Tension, a French horror movie, with the most minimal amount of eye-hiding I’ve ever done, I realized – horror is not that bad.

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War Witch (2012)

war witchInstead of writing about House of Cards, which I actually enjoyed, I decided to write down a review of a movie I saw a while back. War Witch, originally called Rebelle, caught my eye on the Apple trailer list and I thought why not watch yet another foreign movie in French this year. Turns out, it’s serious topic, the take on war, symbolism of death and some very brave scenes, made it into another great movie experience I have had the pleasure of enjoying this year.

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Amour (2012)

amourBy pure coincidence, I’m listening to Scala & Kolancy Brothers version of Nothing Else Matters and I can’t help to suddenly feel like I should avoid writing up this review because I will be an emotional wreck by the end. Still, it’s going to be hard to write about Amour a week from now, two weeks or even further in the future due to its ability to crawl under my skin each time I think back at its plot, punch me in my heart and make me cry like a god damn baby!

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Love Me If You Dare (2003)

Certainly I’m no expert on the matter of foreign films, I watch them quite rarely and well, I’m no Bonjour Tristesse but I do stumble on some when I get the courage. Love Me If You Dare was a French movie I watched about a month ago and the reason I’m getting to this now, is because I just remembered its ending the other day. Before that, I had every attention to skip this movie review completely, because I found it impossible to review up to the point where I couldn’t get it out of my head.

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