CB: Rock Me Well & Other Stories

Last week was weird, and by weird, I mean horrible and shit but wonderful at the same time. Lower back pain is no fun at all, and even while sitting and not moving much, it hurts and you are constantly feeling discomfort. Meanwhile though, I spent my days watching movies with Sam Rockwell, and doing some light-reading, so it was actually like an enjoyable discomfort..?

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CB: Treat Yo Self & Organise

Last week was another successful blogging adventure, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I had a short work week, but I did have to do other work-related stuff on the weekend, so I still didn’t have much free time on my hands. That’s were my newly found organisational skills come in handy. Girl has been scheduling posts like a madwoman, and honestly, I’m more surprised that you are, that I have pulled it off for two weeks now. I’m surely going to mess up soon.

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CB: Exciting News & All About Loving TV-Shows Again

Phew, I feel like a huge stone just fell off my chest and I can finally breathe! My epic pretty-much-endless-scroll-collage of a 1000 scenes from a 1000 movies as Mettel Ray’s 1000th post was published, and I feel almost free. But I know that I can feel completely free only if I say the following…


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Thursday Movie Picks: Movies About Artists – Painters

Ask me to recommend movies about musicians, easy. Ask me to recommend movies about writers, even simpler. Ask me to recommend movies about actors, I could do that. Ask me to list movies about dancers, I could do that in my sleep as well! Ask me to share movies about painters, and will sit in silence and contemplate on how limited my choices are. Granted, I know quite a few movies about painters, yet I have not seen those movies – and hence this vague list of movies about painters.

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