Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Featuring an Actor/Actress that Passed Away in 2016

This is a bitter sweet theme for this Thursday and part of me was really hesitant about choosing movies for this one. Mostly because there are so many, since 2016 was a devastating year for the movie world from start to finish. And yes, loss is bitter, but the legacy that was left behind is a sweet reminder that they will never be forgotten.

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An Essay: Year 2016 Told Through Movies

year-2016We start off the year with an Oscar race that has our hearts beating erratically because this might be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year, and it was. He won, he got that Oscar, he held that Oscar, he took that Oscar with him to show off to his supermodels and polish on his yacht while the sun cast golden streaks of light onto Leo’s face. But as soon as the blockbuster movies started to roll in, as soon as the superheros began to gather, Leo was slowly forgotten.

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RIP Alan Rickman

rip alan rickmanSo far, in my life, I have felt sad many times while the world has lost many great people. Talented actors, actresses, singers, writers, athletes, inspiring people – I’ve been sad because they left a mark on the world, and I felt connected to them through their body of work. Yet, I have only cried twice in my life over the loss of an actor, once eight years ago when Heath Ledger passed unexpectedly, and today, when Alan Rickman lost his fight to cancer. And as another day in January becomes bitter and sweet, I will promise to remember all the greatness Alan Rickman left behind…

… always.