Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Magic Mike XXL

Well pat me on the back and call me shallow because instead of watching serious dramas and falling in love with the Golden Age classics, I’m looking at the screen where Tatum is shaking his booty. And I’m not even sorry. And frankly, since I don’t actually really care that much about watching a well toned piece of meat thrusting his hips, I was definitely able to focus more and I started seeing a very strong message in between the raunchy scenes: female empowerment! So, as a female myself, I appreciate Magic Mike XXL for elevating women to a strong pedestal, showing how everyone is worthy despite their looks and demonstrating men respecting all women equally.

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# 238 – The Rum Diary (Trailer special)

Since I’ve been pretty much behind on everything this trailer is basically old news – movie is already aired and soon in Estonian cinemas as well. But I still wanted to put this up here because of no other than Johnny Depp. It is no secret that I like him and his work, I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. His characters are always a little bit special and I like how he stays true to rum. “Why is the rum gone?” is no longer the question, now it seems that the rum is never going to go away.

Aaron Eckhart, Amber Heard and Giovanni Ribisi also star in this movie directed and written by Bruce Robins.

PS: There are many versions of the poster but I chose this one cause I thought it looked the coolest.