Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: High School

This is probably my favourite theme among this year’s television picks because I have so many shows to choose from! I’m literally wondering how many I can fit into this category and I guess the number could be huge – but I’m keeping a few for other themes because girl plans ahead! Therefore, this list has only five picks for this week but I swear, there’s something for everyone here with the theme being so god damn juicy! PS: Happy new school year to all the students and teachers out there, stay strong and educate on!

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Summer Show Reminder

There is no sadder moment than the end of spring when all your favorite shows are finishing off a season. Some with a swizzle, some with a bang in order to keep you waiting eagerly until the next season. On the other hand, some shows will never make it past the first season, some long runners will never return where the last are the ones that some will miss the most. Pretty crucial cuts have to be made in order to make room for the new shows for next year and I am very aware of that situation. But although I am very invested in the what’s new and what’s cancelled part of the TV world, in this post I am focusing on my summer entertainment. No worries though, I have planned many posts regarding the news about shows I watch which covers a large amount of airtime.

Some of the cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf.

This summer I am very excited because there are three shows returning for the second season! For those of you who remember, MTV came out with two new shows last summer and both of them actually turned out to be good! Awkward. is a show about a teenager, which seems like it all has been done before, but it does have some clever writing and gives me the Juno vibe in a very positive way. First season ended with an interesting choice and not to mention the big question of the author of the letter hanging in the air, but as you can tell, I am not here to spoil it for you in case you haven’t seen it yet. Teen Wolf was another one of those teen shows that ended up on my weekly schedule – it had the tortured hero in a form of a wolf, the funny sarcastic side-kick, the hot dream girl and bunch of bad guys. Despite the teen element, the show has some pretty grown up moments and intriguing mysteries which can be credited to the show’s developer Jeff Davis, the man behind Criminal Minds. Third, USA networks high rated show, Suits was probably my favorite new show last summer and I just can’t wait until it returns. Smart, quick, high class and clever – a well written show with some great characters and expensive suits, what more does a woman want!

Stackhouse siblings portrayed by Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten.

Among other returning shows, some have been around for a long time, some just seem to be airing forever. True Blood is back and I am sure it will stir up something amazing for its fifth season which will follow the big events of the last season with some new characters as well. For Alan Ball, this will be his last season as the front man of the show, this sounds like Supernatural and Eric Kripke  situation which didn’t crash and burn so I am not worried. Still, would be interesting to know what Ball has thought of next because giving us Six Feet Under and True Blood is definitely not enough – we need more! Another season for Pretty Little Liars starts, which is funny because they just ended their A-revealing season. Funny but true, the show starts in the summer and ends in the spring with a long hiatus from October to January! No wonder I keep watching it, the four girls never seem to stop being on the screen and I have no problem with that. A very entertaining chick-flick will surely come to an end soon enough but I doubt they will finish it off with this season. Weeds is returning for their eight season, and as tired I am of Nancy’s ways, I will still tune in to see what’s going on with her crazy and unrealistic life.

Sorkin’s The Newsroom’s cast is ready to entertain.

But of course there are new shows coming because that’s just the way it goes. I already did some research, mostly trailers of the shows and I picked couple I liked instead of listing them all because I doubt I will even watch the ones I am not gonna name here. Starting off with a serious show from HBO, The Newsroom, which will be probably a very good drama with some smart writing because the man behind the show is no other than Aaron Sorkin. For those who need some refreshing, this is the guy who wrote The Social Network – so I assume quality is guaranteed. USA Network has already come out with a cop comedy Common Law, I have heard that it is rather good (at least the pilot) and I’d say the trailer gave the same impression. Definitely going to watch it but not very sure where it will lead, two guys with guns taking counseling – that just sounds so safe. Yet again the people behind this happen to be coming from the movie world, this time behind the movie National Treasure.

This pretty much ends my list of shows I am excited about as far as their context goes, there are two new ones that are just a disaster to happen but they happen to draw me in with actors. Baby Daddy is going to air on ABC Family and that network just doesn’t appeal to me at all, but since they are bringing back the guy from Kyle XY, I am giving it a chance. Though it might end up being a very short chance because it doesn’t look good but who knows, Kyle XY was one of my favorites and it was an ABC Family’s original series which they ended mid season 3 with words “I am your brother!” – who does that?? Anyway, back to the topic, second show I want to mention is Saving Hope on NBC. This just screams horrible idea and it just looks like they are trying to copy Grey’s Anatomy’s Denny situation into a whole show with a main character being a man between two worlds. But the fact that Daniel Gillies (Elijah from The Vampire Diaries) is playing there for at least two episodes will make me watch it, if he leaves I will have no other reasons to watch it. Yes, that’s how fan-girling works.

So this is going to be my summer, not to mention the reality show So You Think You Can Dance, if all goes as planned, I am going to make short posts about every episode of my favorite shows but I am not sure how my work will help along to this lovely plan of keeping up with my posts. This is it for me but let me know in the comments what are your plans for summer regarding TV-shows?


# 211 – Awkward. (TV-show special)

This is some what my Summer guilty pleasure, TV-show about high-school students who fit the stereotypes (with some twists) seem to suit me this time around cause I enjoy every episode and look forward to the next one. Awkward. (yes it has a dot in the end) airs on MTV (it has done well with new shows except the US version of Skins which tanked) and I’m no expert but it gives me the Juno and Whip It  vibes. Both ironically have Ellen Page in the lead – guess she is the stereotype for unpopular-sarcastic-boyish girls that Awkward has also used on their lead character.

I decided to do this by naming the main characters and adding a short summary of them, this would in a long run give you also an idea of the show in general. Nothing much to the story-lines since they have had only 7 episodes (10 in a season) which run for 20 minutes. So no deep-serious story building but enough to offer likable characters and some entertainment. Actors are fresh and as a whole the cast is not bad for MTV.

♦ Jenna (Ashley Rickards) – prettier than she thinks, sarcastic and unpopular. Plot starts after she has slept with the coolest guy in school at camp. Later, after school has started she receives a letter and writes something depressing on her blog right before she has an accident. Suddenly she is noticed (which goes against her cause she wants to be invisible etc) and everything goes on from there.

♦ Matty (Beau Mirchoff) – the coolest guy in school who has this weird habit that nobody seems to mock which is a hit to the typical jock stereotype.

♦ Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) – Jenna’s best friend who wants to be popular and is the most colorful of the bunch.

♦ Jake (Brett Davern) – another popular boy who has a mean/stupid girlfriend but is nice and friendly to other himself.

♦ Sadie (Molly Tralov) – The mean girl, captain of the cheerleaders who loves food and making mean comments. Twist on a stereotype.

♦ Older characters are Jenna’s parents (later version of teen mom and dad) and the guidance counselor who gives some pretty weird advice.

All in all, it is a nice laugh because it has great writing (some quotes are very  clever) and over the top characters that actually don’t seem to bother me as much. Blame the Summer for not having many TV-shows that I can watch, it has clouded my judgment (although IMDb has 8.1 for Awkward. – apparently I’m not the only one): I like a show that is about teenagers and *bleeps* the cursing words – and I’m not ashamed of it.