Top 5 Mettel Ray Posts

top 5 mettel ray posts

This is my 700th post and what better way to celebrate yet another milestone than to look back and realize how much you’ve grown over the years. When I started, I was pretty much a rookie at everything, including expressing my thoughts and now, after writing hundreds of posts, I can say I’ve reached a place in my life where I can honestly say I’m proud of my ability to write coherent and meaningful paragraphs. So to give myself a little pat on the back, I’m going to share my favorite posts I’ve written among all the 700 here on Mettel Ray.

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Top 5 Unhappy OTPs

top 5 OTPs

There are spoilers ahead.

There are happy one true pairings but there are also some who never seem to catch a break. To top it off, the examples I will list in this post are pretty much ruined forever and can’t be salvaged from the wrecks they were thrown into by the worst evils in the world – the writers. And since shows are trained to ruin OTPs my list will be focusing on just that – pairings on television that never got a happy ending.

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Top 5 Trios

Top 5 Trios

When I thought about my favorite trios, I came to a sudden realization that there aren’t many trios out there. There are many many duos and a lot of bigger groups of four and five but not so many threes. So since the characters more seldom come in threes, I decided to dedicate a Top 5 post to my favorite trios that have graced screens of all sizes.

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Top 5 Superheroes

top 5 superheroesBy now I’ve finally seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron (expect a review next week) and to celebrate this fine occasion, I decided to rank my favorite superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First of all, it was so hard and secondly, that’s what she said! Seriously though, it was probably the hardest Top 5 list that goes up this week but I think this is currently how I feel about all the superheroes in this universe.

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Top 5 Serial Killers

Top 5 Serial Killers

Though it is a joyous occasion, Mettel Ray’s big birthday bash starts off the Top 5 week with a rather bloody topic – serial killers! Then again, I’m a big fan of them, in movies and shows not in real life, and therefore it seemed fitting to dedicate a post to some of the most memorable ones I’ve encountered over the years. Let the Top 5 week here on Mettel Ray begin!

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