BlindSpot 2018 Announcment

Can’t say this is my first time announcing my participation in the Blind Spot series created by Ryan over at The Matinee. Back in 2014 I found this and thought, here is something I should do, and I stuck with it for two months. Yes, I was that successful! But I did have a guest appearance in Ryan’s podcast which was one of the first cool things I did back then! Well, I’m giving it another go and hopefully, 2018 is going to be the year I succeed!

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Blind Spot #1 (BOT)


ferris bueller's day off the princess brideBlind Spot series also goes hand in hand with my Back on Track feature.

Ryan over at The Matinee is hosting a great feature that pushes bloggers like me to watch movies we have heard a lot about but haven’t seen yet. The idea is to select 12 movies (mine are listed in the sidebar), watch a movie for the first time each month for a full year and post about it every month. But I have chosen to do things a bit differently and post two at the time every other month, so here are my first two blind spot movies: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Princess Bride.

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