TDL’s Alphabet Movie Meme

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So Monday was the big day, I had a big Christmas party at work and the Breaking Emotions Blogathon closed up. To be honest, the blogathon participation was better than I expected but I must have underestimated the commitment of blogging since I myself have somehow fallen into the trap of struggling to find time to write blog posts. That being said, I figured what better way to say farewell to a blogathon than to take part in an Alphabet Movie Meme by Katy from The Drama Lama.

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Breaking Emotions: Smiles, Thrills, Hate & Love


Previously this week I took on the challenge of posting all the scenes that create such emotions as Fear, Awkward, Tears and Surprise and it turned out quite well I think. Well, tackling the last four emotions was much more difficult, for example SMILES and THRILLS were easier picks, but HATE and LOVE were little harder to crack. Even now I’m not sure if the scenes I have listed with the last two emotions are actually the ones I want to share, but you’ll be the final judge of that!

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Breaking Emotions: Fear, Awkward, Tears & Surprise


Since November has ended, it’s finally my turn to start Breaking Emotions before the Blogathon deadline drops on the 16th of December – and as you can see, I’m cutting it close and therefore tackling 2 weeks worth of emotions at once! For those who haven’t yet participated, or this is the first time seeing this Blogathon at all, check out this page for a little bit of information and start breaking those emotions.

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Breaking Emotions: Hate & Love


[Missed the announcement post, click here, missed first set of emotions, click here, missed the second set, click here, missed the third set, click here.]

This is it guys, this is the last set of emotions that everybody can break and the emotions are quite basic but then again, good luck trying to limit those scenes down to 3 or 5. I wanted to end on a high but I didn’t really see any other possible emotions for the last week than hate and love – the ultimate emotional level of bad and good, so good luck breaking the fourth set of emotions: HATE & LOVE!

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Breaking Emotions: Smiles & Thrills


[Missed the announcement post, click here, missed first set of emotions, click here, missed the second set, click here]

We are half way through announcing the emotions, there’s still two sets left and I’m more excited than ever. The blogathon has brought some new followers as well as great views and I wanted to thank you all! The participation has been wonderful, not too many, not too few – I feel like it’s just the right amount at the moment. So for all those participators, here’s the next set of emotions: SMILES & THRILLS.

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