Mr. Robot #203

He’s gone. He’s gone. He’s gone.

At this point, I’m still confused and a lot of questions have been asked without any real answers. And still no Tyrell, which despite him being the villain, is a little sad for me.

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Mr. Robot #201 And #202

mr robot hello againIt’s here! My favorite show currently on TV is back with its second season and I can’t be more excited to watch Rami Malek every week and I’m super thrilled to see where this show will take us this season!

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fsociety is Taking Over

mr robot rami malik 2mr robot rami malikThere is an itsy-bitsy-spoiler, dear readers!

Delusional sophistication that is making fun of hashtags, the need to be constantly online and connected, not to mention drinking Starbucks’ vanilla lattes for their logo not its contents. Hyper-addictive, mind altering and simply fantastic visually, verbally and more importantly, ideally, Mr. Robot is pushing us to think past what we’re used to and forcing us to think twice about society itself. Whether the view is a tad bit extreme, and whether the ideas are shown through drug use, insomnia, social isolation and with a hint schizophrenia, where the people Elliot Alderson talks to are the viewers themselves, doesn’t matter – the question is how far are we going to let society evolve into a mass production before we say fuck society!

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