Histology of 2016: Part 2


Looking back, I’d like to think that 2016, despite its flaws, had some really great things to offer. There’s no denying that these great things were sometimes overshadowed by the turmoil of life, but at the same time, these good things made 2016 a lot more tolerable in the long run. But before I get to my favourite books and best movies of 2016, I want to look back at some of the songs and TV shows that made me happy this year.

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Commercial Break #59

commercial-break-59So… I missed last week’s Commercial Break because I had things to do, and movies to see! That’s right, I finally managed to drag myself to the cinema, and watched two movies in one day! I shall thank the Black Nights Film Festival for finally breaking the two month dry spell in my movie-going, but mostly, I have myself to thank for, for being able to drag myself out of the apartment for once! Thank you, me, for looking out for me!

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Commercial Break #54

Sitting behind the computer like, “how the hell do I do this writing thing?”, has been the general theme these past few weeks. I’m flustered, and I’m tired, and everything seems to be happening at the same time, so I have to choose. Today I chose to post, because I’ve been putting it off too long.

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My Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2015

drakeeAt the end of 2015, I promised more variety on my blog and then somehow things mostly stayed the same. So here goes nothing, a new year, a new beginning and a list of 10 songs of 2015 that on some point were, for me, on constant repeat .

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Commercial Break #20

Though this announcement comes with a bit of a delay, it also hasn’t been shouted from the rooftops yet but I’ve been silently excited for weeks – Mettel Ray crossed the 400 subscribers mark! In addition to that, Commercial Break has reached its 20th post, so I’m celebrating proudly behind my computer with a HUGE cup of coffee! Come join the celebrations!

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