A View on Being a Fan

Just a couple of seconds ago I paused a movie I was really enjoying just so I could do this, write about how being a fan has turned into a connection that has become, for the lack of a better word, mental. Nowadays there are so many ways and means to connect with people and that means there are more and more ways to connect with celebrities. And before you know it, being a fan is literally being dragged on a leash by the social media. Candid pictures, photo shoots, selfies, fan pictures, official videos, fan videos, homemade porn videos, Google+ Hangouts, interviews, tweets, FB posts, Snapchat conversations, Instagram images, Tumblr posts, tags, hashtags, Vines, Dubsmash battles – the more we are able to get, the more we want! In other words, being a fan has become a state of desire which implies that the need to be fully connected with a celebrity is extremely high. And therefore, being a fan, is exhausting!

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Hotline Moves

drake-hotline-blingOn October 26th, Drake released a music video for Hotline Bling and the Internet almost broke. It didn’t break entirely, because Kim Kardashian already broke it a while ago and well, I don’t think we ever fully fixed it. Or did we? Anyway, people were endlessly commenting on Drake’s video, people were making memes left and right, and parodies appeared all over the place. And I’m sitting here and thinking, why all the hate for Drake’s moves!?

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Farewell Popcorn, Hello Coffee !

coffee talk

Fall has always signified new beginnings for me. It’s not the New Year’s Eve that brings change, it’s the change in the air, the vast alteration in nature and for most importantly, for years, it symbolized the beginning of a new school year. This year, fall means changes that have happened on Mettel Ray, changes, that will hopefully stir my creativity and motivation a little. Changes, that were inevitable as I have changed and this blog, has always been a reflection of me.

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Force of Nature

coffee talk 13There was this one week where I failed as a blogger. After months of keeping up with the two posts a week schedule, I completely neglected my blog and didn’t write a single post. I did try, oh how I tried to push out coherent thoughts that sounded at least somewhat normal but with no luck. Finally, I arrived at a point where I simply gave up and didn’t try to force words and here we are, a couple of days later and everything seems to be back to normal. And from that emerged the topic of this post, if you force yourself into liking something, it doesn’t work but why is it that when you are manipulated by force of advertising it works wonders?

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Happy Go Annoyed

coffee talk 12Today I woke up and everything seemed to go wrong. This has not happened in a while but the feeling is familiar to me and all I wanted to do was to whine and complain. Trust me, this is the kind of emotional state of mind where you don’t want to be in, you don’t even want to be near a person who has it and today I happened to have that utterly negative outlook on life in general. And though every inch of me is screaming out to whine and complain, I’ll try to push myself into a discussion on how negativity can really fuck up your ability to write reasonable reviews.

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