Léon: The Professional (1994)

Since I’m still not ready to review The Dark Knight Rises I thought I’d give Léon the Thursday’s limelight and share my thoughts on the movie. First off, I didn’t end up liking the movie as much as I anticipated because I still feel weird about kids killing/helping out in the process of killing people. In addition, I also have not so positive feelings towards Natalie Portman, therefore Léon: The Professional became a good movie instead of a great one for me.

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# 191 – Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (trailer special)

It seems like forever since The Dark Knight drove into the night and Heath Ledger won an Oscar posthumously but Christopher Nolan is finally back (after inceptioning us) and The Dark Knight Rises. He has added my other favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the mix which for me is kind of weird and awesome at the same time cause he looks so much like Ledger. I think we get a climps of him in the trailer and if yes, then he looks hauntingly  good. But what is a Batman movie without Catwoman? – probably nothing because Anne Hatheway is putting on the catsuit. Other than that, Christian Bale returns as Batman and  has probably dealt with his problems but I doubt that he wouldn’t have new ones waiting for him. The teaser trailer doesn’t give away much but I’m sure it wouldn’t be anything less than the final episode of Batman’s “life” and Nolan is always at his best when it comes to action so I’m waiting for this one eagerly.

PS: Here’s the poster for the third movie and since it is absolutely amazing I saw no reason not to add it to the post.