All Those Times Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Ruined My Life

oh my god

Oh. My. God.

Let us take a moment and appreciate that we have the possibility to enjoy this handsome man above. This man, in case the title wasn’t obvious enough, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and he is amazing! Not only is he appealing for the eye but he is also talented. Though I sometimes forget to focus on his acting, and get lost in his ruggedness instead…

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Kill-off: the extreme trend of spring 2014


The following post has various spoilers of

Grey’s Anatomy, The OC, Supernatural, Game of Thrones,

Teen Wolf, Scandal and The Good Wife. 

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, people are wearing light jackets and sunglasses: all clear signs of the fact that spring is finally here. And whilst I could be enjoying all of that outside, I’m at home being frustrated at the TV because it keeps making me emotional! So instead of getting the pleasure of welcoming spring into my life, I get to be emotionally unstable instead.

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# 91 – G&N

I decided to do a little post about yesterdays shows Grey’s Anatomy and Nikita.

Grey’s Anatomy had an interesting twist this week – they made it look like a documentary and kicked us to the curb by telling us that Arizona and Torres are going to Africa! Some Internet digging and looking up news about the two characters and actors it is safe to say that this was just written in because Jessica Capshaw who portrays Arizona just had her second child, congrats! And since they didn’t want to sabotage their relationship they gave Sara Ramirez a small brake too. They’ll be back but for two episodes (as I heard) they could concentrate on other relationships on the show. there was also the return of the Mandy Moore character who didn’t survive – which was sad. Yang is still not a doctor, which makes me really mad but it has made Yang seem more human. That said, it needs to stop soon – something would have to happen again in order to make Yang Yang again! But the best part of Grey’s last episode for me was Karev. I like him and I have liked him in good and bad. But this episode showed a side of Karev that we have only seen a glimpse of, now they kind of hit us with it – he cares, he cares about the kids even though he says he doesn’t and with Arizona leaving I think he will be getting more time with the kids or will there be a doctor filling in Arizona for two episodes? I can’t wait!

Now on with Nikita, I think this show has a lot of potential but because I haven’t really been a big Nikita fan before – people who usually obsess about the movie don’t enjoy the TV-shows. People do those things a lot, like something and then hate the remakes and so on – I think it is stupid to look at things that clearly are so apart from eachother as something connected. Anyway, Nikita as a show has a lot of interesting stories that they keep bringing on the table and not ending them. Last two weeks it was Owen who was the new guy but he went on to do his own thing – story-line stays open. Robbie (Bug Hall) is dead for others but is actually trained to be a cleaner – this weeks episode also kept its episode story-line open. It is only a matter of time when they will have so many open stories that they are starting to overwhelm me – and I like it! They can do what ever they want, they can play around with so many things and I’m kind of excited to see what happens during this season. I bet they get a second season also, even third if they can hold the tention up. The only thing I hope is that Alex and Thom get an episode all about them, or we could se Thoms past! See, this show can go everywhere with the characters because what do we really know about them? By now we know Alex the most because a lot of her past has been already told but everybody else is a big old questionmark. It reminds so much of Dollhouse which was actually cancelled after the second season (which I didn’t enjoy as much as the first because it fell apart a bit) but the first season was good. And it had the same thing, the mystery about almost every character they had – so many questions can be asked and Nikita seems to answer them in the slowest speed possible meanwhile blowing things up and killing bad guys. PS: Don’t you enjoy the fact that Shane West is the bad guy in the makings of a good guy! My favorite characters are always like that – Damon (The Vampire Diaries), Eric (True Blood), Nathan (One Tree Hill)… All bad guys at first but all better guys than the ones who are good in the beginning! I rest my case!

# 21 – Grey’s Anatomy

Season 6 finale was, was.. I have no words! It began with Meredith’s good news (that ended up being bad) and then a shooter, Mr. Clark who lost his wife some episodes back and made another appearance in the previous episode. He was cruel, he shot Reed just because she was rude to him, and she died in seconds. Karev got shot the same time, but managed to crawl to the elevator were he was found by Sloan and little Grey – Karev survived, thank god!

Then there were some other, un-significant deaths and then, Percy gets shot (the guy from Mercy who loved Reed who was also from Mercy) and he has a longer suffering where Bailey tried to save him with the help of a patient Mary (played by Mandy Moore) – but eventually he died not even knowing that Reed was long gone.

And then there was this whole Derek got shot Yang had to operate on him while Clark held a gun to her face and then Owen came to rescue, and how the hell did Clark get into the OR and how did he know where Derek was or even where the OR was? Anyway, Derek lived thanks to my fav new guy, Avery (played by the very hot Jesse Williams) saved the day! By the way, didn’t he and Yang kiss? I mean, that might still happen because Owen hasn’t decided who he loves. Well he did ran after Yang but if the other one would have been in the hospital, he would’ve ran after her. So who wants Yang and Avery to hook up? I do, I do!! And I want little Grey to get back together with Sloan, I mean she broke his thing (its fixed now) and he still wants to be her husband, how sweet is that!?

Anyway, the whole 2 hour episode was exiting, two bigger casualties, with Torres and Arizona getting back together (making babies next season?) and at the end.. Meredith ends up not pregnant which for me was sad but I still can’t get over the fact that I shed a tear for Percy, didn’t even like the guy until he got shot and died in Baileys arms.

Hopefully the wait for the next season premier isn’t too hard on me, cause I’m kind of waiting to see what is going to happen next.. A new romance, a new doctor maybe (since Izzie left!) or … somebodies half-borther turns up or smth? Percy has a twin brother and he comes there? Well, one thing is sure, it’s gonna be wild!