Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Masks

Well.. this is going to be a hell of a month for me when it comes to Thursday Movie Picks because I will be outside my comfort zone the entire time. In other words, I’m not that good with horror related movies, and when I say not that good, I mean I suck at watching them. So there’s no surprise there when I say that I’ve seen only a few, which makes this month a very tight squeeze, and this week’s theme of “masks” is not the best fit either.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Creature / Monster

halloween-editionThis week features no aliens, no zombies, no vampires and no werewolves – so that pretty much leaves all those horror movies with scary creatures I really don’t watch. But I have seen some very good ghosts over the years, and one creature pops into my head as well, so lucky for me, I could compile the following list.

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Thusday Movie Picks: Witches / Warlocks


It’s October!! And October means Halloween! For me, it isn’t a holiday I’ve ever really celebrated, since it wasn’t apart of my childhood here in Estonia. But hey, I can celebrate Halloween if I want to, so I’m celebrating it with all these Halloween related recommendations this month.

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