When Love Turns Rotten: Shameless

We all know that feeling of loving something to bits! We would think about that feeling, and those things or people would be constantly on our minds. We would wake up in the morning, and wonder when said object or subject of our love would be in our arms. We would feel empty without them, we would feel incomplete without it. I know that I have loved not only things but people with such capacity, but I also know that life sometimes sucks and things become shit. But the title “When Love Turns Shit” didn’t really have that ring to it, so “rotten” it is and here is the first victim of said phenomena: Shameless US.

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Favorite TV characters: part 1

At first, I wrote top 5 and then I thought I’m definitely NOT able to name just 5 – so I made it into 10 and categorized it as main male characters (supporting characters will have their own list as well as two female top 10 lists – long feature thing for September) which also means more reading for you – isn’t this just the best news you have heard this week?

PS: Making this list  has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done – seriously, it was like trying to pick between dozens and dozens of kittens!

Following my last list that I posted on Wild Wednesday (way way back in July) I gave this one much more thought because it was really difficult to come up with my favorite male characters (there are so many of them) and then put them into an order of some sorts. Therefore I’m gonna say right up front, the order is not necessarily set in stone – my moods change and love for shows/characters changes but this will be the top 10 of my current mind set. Also, to clarify this a bit, I didn’t want to pick no more than one character from one specific show – other wise it would have been impossible to form a list of some sorts – I’m telling you, I love my shows and my characters!

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