CB: iRockbottom & Fantasies

This might be the 100th CB post, and it might be the #99 or #101… I somehow messed up the count and now we’ll never know. But yay, CB’s very old now!

Last week I took it a little easier in the Sam Rockwell front, because I just couldn’t handle more of him without loosing my mind. But I did end up watching three of his movies on Sunday, after I had finally finished three seasons of a show that I really liked. In other words, my second and last week (I can’t stay home longer, it’s unhealthy plus I need to interact with actual people) of sick leave was definitely less productive but it was still enjoyable.

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# 77 – The Losers

Another action movie with a group of guys who “save the world” and of course there is a pretty girl who knows how to use a gun. Main character was portrayed by Jeffery Dean Morgan who I know from Supernatural where he played the daddy, he also was in PS: I love you!. In those two I liked him, in the Losers he was kind of okay also. Zoe Saldana played the pretty girl, she lived up to her expectations – she is a pretty girl. Chris Evans portrayed my favorite character – I like those geeky funny guys, they don’t have to do much in order for you to like them.

The movie reminded me a lot of the A-Team, a team of military men were framed and presumed dead – they weren’t bad nor dead.  They wanted to go home and when the pretty girl gave them an opportunity they couldn’t pass they had a mission: kill the bad guy. Basically, the typical hero(s) story with a hint of humor now and then. The humor was actually something I liked, plus the little twist in the end was a little surprising but not SO much. The bad guy in the end survived, mission incomplete but the team got home and had a baby (one of them) and saw a soccer match (all of them) and Jeffery got himself some Zoe. All good in the end.

Is it worth the watch, well, I guess it is entertaining and rather enjoyable for an action movie – for a late night chill out movie night with popcorn you might even give it a try. It hasn’t got much humor but there is just enough, especially Chris Evans’ character and his singing/dancing scene – that was good! Was it better than Iron Man 2, maybe – at least I remember it but I think that Iron Man at its core is more the real action movie – but I think that The Losers is better at entertaining the viewers. Iron Man 2 has a better score in IMDb though – so based on my reviews I’d say that IMDb is wrong.. sorry Robert, Jeffery won this one.

# 76 – Iron Man 2

I would say that sometimes sequels aren’t meant do be made, the same case was with Iron Man – as much as I enjoyed the first Iron Man and as much as I love Robert Downey Jr – I didn’t like the movie. To be fair, I didn’t hate it either, I just don’t care about it.

The story was that … what was the story? It seems that I missed the point of the movie, how stupid of me – oh well, there was a bad guy with lighting coming out of his “suit” and there was lots of action and a dark iron man was also there.  I have to admit, there wasn’t any mushy love story attached – or there actually was and I don’t remember it.

This review is during out to be rather bad because I don’t remember anything about it! So I guess the movie wasn’t worth remembering and there can’t be a worse thing in the movie world to make a movie you can’t remember. Robert looked good though, but on the other hand, he always looks good. Mickey Rourke played the bad guy and well, I must admit he looks like a bad guy, he acts like a bad guy – so he probably is a bad guy. Gwyneth Paltrow was in the second movie also, she had some important role in it – guess she was the love interest. Don Cheadle was the dark iron man, he was a good guy in the end and helped out the red iron man – the good iron men won the battle of good and evil. Sounds interesting? Not so much. Oh yeah, just watched the poster, Scarlet Johansson was also there – she wore some leather catsuit and killed bunch of guys – oh well.