June Favorites

jun fav

As per usual, I haven’t really been consitent with my monthly favorites and since I’ve skipped April and May I have tons of favorites lined up. So this is technically not June favorites, it’s more like, I skipped two months so I better make up for it by listing favorites from April and May as well… enjoy!

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ReWind: June


There isn’t much need for a rewind post for June but hey, at least I’m writing and letting you know I’m still among the living. Plus, this marks a year since I started this feature and it would be a shame to skip this. Anyway, working takes up the majority of my time and the rest is pretty much getting out of my working environment to some civilization. Today’s the big day though, I’ll finally get to go the cinema but since I wasn’t really part of the what-movie-should-we-see decision making, I’m going to see Despicable Me 2. Now, this wouldn’t be my first choice but at this point, I don’t care. Besides, I’m sure it’ll be a good craic (well look at me, using Irish and everything).

Numbers: 186,000+ all time views, 3,921 views, 131 average per day,  7 posts

New Record: Lowest number of movies seen in a month EVER

Movies I saw: Big Fish (re-watched) – total: 1rw

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ReWind: June

Numbers: 100,000+ all time views, 5728 views, 191 average per day, 21 posts.

Summary: Turned out to be an amazing month. Started to communicate to other movie bloggers, mostly through LAMB and basically branched out. I want to give myself a prize for being quite consistent  with the posts this month – also ready to improve in July even more! Saturday Special post for my first blogathon’ was awesome to write but going to the movies in June was even better – 3 times total.

Lesson learned: Be yourself!

Biggest change: Outlook of the blog. And a logo!

Biggest surprise: Got a lot of comments.

Highlight: Going over the 100,000 mark.

June’s soundtrack: Carey Mulligan – New York, New York