Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Science Fiction

Few times, last year, I recommended TV shows as part of my Thursday Movie Picks because I thought why not and now Wandering Through the Shelves has decided to add it as part of the series! So every last Thursday of the month, everyone participating will recommend television shows according to the theme. It is a wonderful addition, and honestly, I’m a little scared because I have definitely seen a lot of shows! A lot! And considering science fiction is one of my favourite genres, just so you know, this list feels very important to me. But, I also wanted to recommend shows that not everyone has heard of, so…

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TV-shows that ended too soon

top10stetsEvery now and then a show comes a long that you really really like and then THEY take it away from you! I don’t exactly know who they are, probably the suits somewhere in the room who never actually watch the show but just follow the numbers which tend to be reflected wrongly onto paper in various cases. Some shows have high marks yet they still were cancelled or just simply not picked up again. And for a TV-show fanatic, this is absolutely frustrating, I know the feeling oh too well and when my friend recommended me to make a list about it, I thought, excellent idea! Since it isn’t a competition of which show that ended too soon is better than the other, the list is put up randomly.

PS: Next week, a list of “TV-shows that should have ended already” is also on its way.

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